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Twitch Networking for Growth in 2017

By 26 June, 2017 No Comments

There’s tons of articles out there about how you network. Most of them, for some reason, start to bring in anecdotes like they’re facts. They give as close to a step-by-step guide to what they did without understanding that you’re not them.

In this article I’ll instead focus on things that can be applied to any level and what to look at to better understand how to get to the best results.

Find the target

The same way that we figure out a target audience we also need to figure out who to connect with. It’s to get caught in the Twitch bubble and forget that you can network outside of it as well. No matter where you’re looking to network we still need to look for the right people.

We can do this by first looking at ourselves. For instance looking at the game we play or the personality that we have while we stream. Then take a look at where to find the right crossover. It can be certain hashtags, phrases, keywords or even locations.

This dosen’t mean that they have to be in the exact same field but can also be that they have the right personality that will work with yours. For this to work properly you do need to have a lot of self-awareness where perhaps they can fill in the gaps that you have. Or perhaps someone that you feel you can get along with and meshes well with your audience or potential audience.

Investigate the target

This isn’t a game of numbers but rather a game of reach. The real numbers that matters aren’t the amount of followers but rather the engagement on the platform that they’re using.

Why? If no one is engaging then there’s never going to be any reach. What you’re looking for is someone that gets retweets, comments and active users in chat. So even if they have 100 followers but most of their posts gets 20 likes, 10 comments and 5 reweets you should look at it as something very impressive.

Value, value, value

As with your channel and your audience you want to provide value to the person that you want to network with. You actually need to provide more value to them than to you, if they have the leverage (meaning if they’re a larger channel).

Value can mean a range of different things and changes from streamer to streamer and person to person. You need to do some homework here since this is not a spam thing. It’s not like you’ll have this one thing that you can copy and paste to everyone. It’s about understanding who you’re contacting and what you can offer them, and that differs from person to person.

Actually send the message

This might sound obvious but not everyone does it. This is also important because you might have to send out 100 messages before you get 1 response. That’s just the game that is being played and you shouldn’t worry about that. As long as you know that you’re providing them value upfront I promise you that it won’t feel spammy.

Then you do need to execute on your promise of course. This is only getting your foot in the door what you do next will determine the out come of the networking.

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