Practical networking for your Twitch Creative channel

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Late last year I came across a pretty ill informed  post on r/Twitch. r/Twitch can be very up and down in terms of good information. This post was extremely ill informed. The person posting it is a self proclaimed “Twitch marketing expert”. The original poster was asking for tips on networking. What happened next was “advice” from the Twitch marketing “expert”. It didn’t outline networking but rather outlined some outdated marketing advice. So I wanted to shed some light on practical networking for your Twitch Creative channel.

Practical networking for your Twitch Creative channel

1-xfnvdhgadqy3qmlvb9azcw2xLet’s start with some very simple examples. As you might know Twitch Creative contains different streams and categories. Everything from glassblowing to programming. All of the same rules applies, in terms of growth, here as the rest of Twitch.

There’s however one advantage, or rather a more clear advantage, in that creatives for the most time are creating something. That results in an item, sometimes you can hold that item but sometimes it’s also digital.

You might also  have seen a ton of crowdfunding, from GameWisp to Patreon surrounding the creators. I recently did outline how you can use crowdfunding for growth instead of money. In that you can see there’s opportunity to market and allowing other to market for you. Now this however isn’t an article about marketing but rather about networking. These GameWisp/Patreon in Twitch Creative are mostly campaigns are aimed at 1. Your audience 2. People that want what you’re selling. That’s great for those but does really nothing for your networking.

This due to the fact that most of your audience aren’t Twitch streamers or people in a position to advance your position. Networking isn’t about marketing yourself, and really shouldn’t be. It’s about reaching out the people that can help you move forward in your streaming career.

How to get going then?

First of all you don’t have to stop your Patreon/GameWisp. However you might need to pull back a bit if it’s not working that well. Here’s the thing you’re trying to do two things at once. On one hand you’re making something for your audience and on the other you want to grow you channel on Twitch specifically.

Start by looking at what the end product that you’re making is. Is it models? Is it glassware? Is it photography? Is it digital? Is it paintings? etc. As I outlined in my Twitch trends for 2017 a big part of Twitch (and getting partnered) is your value to the overall Twitch community. How do you do that the best? By actually involving yourself with the community outside of your own community.

What does that mean? We’re not talking about marketing here but rather NETWORKING and to be more specific practical networking for your Twitch Creative channel. So instead of creating your your audience/community make it about creating for other streamers.

This dosen’t have to mean that you’re going to have to send what you create to the streamer. But you can if you want to and that does open up a direct line between the two of you. Even better is of course if they contact you about it and you offer to send it to them. That way you’re one step ahead and while it’s not given they’re more likely to give something back. Be that a shoutout, link or mention on social media.

Yes this an investment of time and money on your end. However it’s something that you can, and should, budget into your expenses. Networking and marketing are two things that you always should take into consideration when you look at your budget.

Examples of practical networking for your Twitch Creative channel

Let’s say that you’re doing Warhammer models. Step one would be the find a streamer you want to connect with. Step two check their branding from logo to colors and all the way down to their story. Step three is to use the colors, logo and story to craft/paint a Warhammer model that represents that streamer.

If you want to increase the chances even more pick streamers that either are in the Warhammer gaming community on Twitch or those that are interested in it.

This can of course be applied to any and all creative crafts out there. It’s a matter of thinking that one extra step. Looking at what you do one more time and see how that could be interesting for the person you want to connect with. Don’t think too long since the more you can push the better. Here volume is actually a really good thing.

If all you have in a year you have 3 creations you run the risk of having 3 no’s. While if you do 100 creations in a year and you only get 3 noes that means that you got 97 yeses. The truth is also that it only takes 1 yes sometimes. So don’t get caught up in “failures” and only see them as opportunities down the line as well (you can read more about that in the next section).

Other benefits for your Twitch Creative channel

Let’s say you don’t get a shoutout or a mention. There’s however still bunch of benefits even when that happens.

You’re building a library

Understand that every creation you make that’s for the Twitch community as whole. You’re building a library for when viewers comes to your channel for the first time. Be it that they see that you’ve made something for their favorite streamer or how dedicated you are to your craft, it will build a connection between you and your audience as well.

Getting featured in different places

Never overlook getting featured on StreamerNews articles. While they mostly will write about big streamers it’s not like what you’re doing isn’t related to that. Also seeing what StreamerNews are doing for 2017 there’s a huge opportunity to get interviewed by them as well.

StreamerNews isn’t the only place. There’s forums, subreddits and so on all over the place that would be eager to feature you craft. In some cases you’ll have to reach out yourself (great way to get started with that connection as well) but at times things will spread by themselves. The viral-ness of these type of projects should be pretty evident.

End of the week is already here? That went a lot faster than expected. I’m finally back at the “office” all day again. Taking a few days off for the holidays was a great way to refuel. This weekend we’re also getting back on development with our little future tool. 

If you liked this article. Remember that even creatives need Twitch branding or maybe even some brainstorming to get a leg up on what you can do to network. You can check out my services here.




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