Twitch As A Social Situation

By 16 November, 2017 No Comments

I have the privilege of ever single day waking up and being able to read through email after email from new streamers. Streamers that might have only streamed for one day and some that haven’t even started yet.

It’s encouraging to see so many new people (as soon as their internet speed allows it) coming into Twitch. They’re eager to get started, and in some cases a bit too eager to get started. As more people are traversing into Twitch I’ve heard and seen people that don’t really feel as if they don’t get their personality (that they have in real life) across to their viewers.

A Social Situation

We’re all different when it comes to who we are. It’s easy to then think that “I am who I am” and while that’s true. You’re not always exactly the same person in every single social situation. You’re one way with your closest friends, another with your regular friends and completely different person around your grand parents.

Why bring this up in relation to Twitch? Well Twitch very much is a brand new type of social situation. So when I talk to a lot of new streamers I often get to hear “I just don’t feel as if I’m coming through” or different variations of that. It’s important to understand that often this is the result of just not being used to the social situation. Even more so it’s that often there’s no attempt to understand that it is a different social situation.

The moment you understand this the faster you can adapt to it. There is nothing wrong and you’re not doing something bad. You need to find what your voice on Twitch is and not just try to mimic the voice you have in real life.

There’s large streamers out there that have this bigger than life personality on Twitch but outside of it they’re the opposite. They just found that this is the type of social situation where they can bring something different out of themselves.

Of course there’s plenty of times where there’s smooth crossover and you are the same in real life as you are on Twitch, and that’s fine.

My recommendation is always to to between a week to a month of streaming (no need to do it every day). To get a feel for what it fells like to stream. After all one of the most important thing when it comes to branding is to understand who you are in the context you’re in. If you’ve never been in that situation then how are you supposed to be able to understand it?

Two things. Firstly I’m super happy that Peru made it to the World Cup and secondly I’m really thinking about bringing back the LiveSpace Podcast.




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