Twitch channel motivation from a designers view point (I’M HYPED)

By 2 June, 2016 One Comment

Design is one of those things that don’t really make sense to a lot of people… and that makes sense. Design is often put up to this light that it’s not achievable without having the brain or creativity for it. Very much are a lot of people chalking up streaming to the further and further a long we go. Let’s get pumped this weekend instead and let’s refocus our energy into that very thing that we love and have passion for.

It’s never too late

3-5 years ago the only ones that could stream where those with the technical knowledge. There wasn’t any OBS where you could click on “Start Streaming” and no XBox/PS app. There was Xsplit eventually but even that needed you to pay to gain entry to the realm of streaming. Today we’re seeing the opposite it’s easier to stream then ever before yet more and more people are scared of streaming and are chalking their failure or not getting enough viewers up to “there’s just too many people” or “it’s too late”. No you’ve not put in enough work and you haven’t put it in the right place. Oh did your favorite streamer that’s been streaming for 3-5 years tell you something different? You want to know something cool? Someone that started streaming 3-5 months ago knows more about starting now than someone that started 3-5 years ago. Sure you can keep comparing apples to oranges if you want but don’t be upset when what they did or what they do now don’t work for you.

Power of branding

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I used to be in the same position in the design world. I was one of millions… and you you might think “Daniel there’s still million of designers out there”. My answer is very simple, how many of those have over 200 articles on the subject of Twitch? How many of them have dedicated 4 years to Twitch design? How many of them have over and over been proven right on theories? How many can say that they’ve worked with top tier streamers? That’s branding and it’s the power of branding that is the reason why you’re reading this right now. Don’t even think that you’re here by chance it’s all part of a giant marketing and branding effort that spans across several years.

Years of hard work and sacrifice

Does that come of as being cocky? Sure if that’s what you get from it then that’s it. For me it’s all about hard work. I put in the hard work before it was popular, I put in the hours when no one was reading, I put in the investment to grow (both in time and money). Why? Because I knew that it there was going to be something there. It’s the same intuition that I use in design and the same intuition I use when I predict the future of Twitch. It’s patterns, data, experience and more. What does this have to do with streaming? If you want something you better put everything behind it and be smart about what you bet on. Don’t bet on your weaknesses but beat on your strengths. Mine was the ability to see patterns, problem solve and design so I put 100% into that. What’s your strength? What makes you into you? Who are you making your content for?

Oh you have a job? School? If all you’re doing in work/school and then stream the rest you’re doing it right. If you’re spend an hour watching Game of Thrones… you know what that hour is? Time you didn’t spend on growing your channel. I get it you want to have your free time and spend it doing something you love. My question to you is how much do you really love streaming? If it’s not something you can say that you would rather do than watching any TV show or movie or anything else, guess what streaming might not be for you. You are the one the needs to think about if or if not you want to make that sacrifice. You are the one that decides if or if not you want to put that extra hour into your stream. 

Reality checking-in

This is a reality check and it’s a reality check that I wished I had a long time before. I wish someone would have told me this when I was younger. Instead I wasted time thinking that if all I did was show my skills to random people it would be a success. That was never the case and still isn’t. What put me on the top is that I’ve been able to outwork everyone else. Can you say that you’re outworking other streamers? Can you say that you’ve put as much time into streaming as a top streamer? Can you say that you’ve bet on the right skill? If you say no any of these you need to re-evaluate your situation.

Streaming isn’t mystical

Back to what I stated at the start about this mystical aspects of design. We’re starting to see the same on Twitch but for big channels. They’ve seen as if they’ve hit gold before you and the ones that do it now magically got there. They didn’t they outworked, they did that one thing right hat you didn’t and they networked with the right people. Did they know someone at Twitch? That’s networking! Don’t go around and act like you can’t do the same. In design there’s those that just have the brain and creativity for it BUT there’s also those that learned the craft. They noticed that it’s binary. Either you do the work or you don’t. There’s nothing between that and the only thing that difference is the amount that we can put into it. But if you send 3-4 hours a day watching TV you’re not using your time towards the thing that you want. If you want your channel to grow you need to focus on that. If you don’t care then I really don’t know why you’re reading this blog and I have no clue why you’re reading this article. I do know that if you’re reading this and you know it’s not for you but you’re still reading… then goddamn my branding and marketing is effective.

Usually this is where I write out my thoughts but dammit I think that the above message should say enough. This is angry Daniel. This Daniel filled up with passion. I’m feeling HYPED as hell right now. I’m ready to go out there and SMASH any work coming my way.




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