Playing the long game on Twitch

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No I don’t mean playing a game for a long time or a marathon stream. What are you doing now to setup for bigger and better things down the road? That’s the long game and what’s what I’m going to talk a little bit about today.


While this probably isn’t an article for everyone I’m writing for everyone I’m writing for you. I know that you’re serious about streaming and not only about what’s going to happen tomorrow. However we all struggle with planning things out and setting possible goals. We’re constantly bombarded by streamers saying that we need to set short attainable goals and while true, where’s the fun in that?

Even when it comes to the long game it’s the same principles that apply. This is called the smart system, since it spells out smart. However let’s put it into the context of Twitch, that’s after all the language that we all speak.

Specific, this is our very first thing that we need to get out of our way. You need to actually sit down (ala FutureManGaming) and actually map out what the goal your setting is. If you goal is to grow you better be able to explain that to even someone that never even heard about Twitch without having to even explain what Twitch is. I know how to describe mine, can you?

Measurable, now sure you can measure your growth by looking at the numbers. But pretty much all the numbers out there suck. It’s also not the only criteria for partnership on Twitch anyway. What you should measure your progress on Twitch in is really how you feel about your stream and how much other are enjoying it. Are you seeing more engagement? That’s progress. This is the place where most streams fall down and never come back. It’s when they can’t see the progress in black and white. As I said you need to use yourself here as a guide to know how winds are turning and twisting around you.

Attainable, of course we still need it to actually be attainable. However most things on Twitch is attainable it the right mindset, work ethic and time. Sure you probably shouldn’t set a goal to own Twitch… but then again why not? If that’s your plan then you might be in the wrong business but hey who am I to judge? I started a small business that grew over 3 years. Nonetheless growing your audience and partnership are both attainable goals and all it really takes sometimes are slight adjustments and the guts to actually do them and not buckle as you see your number drops as long as you know you’re doing something right.

Relevant, this step has always felt a bit forced to me so this is how I see it. This is all about if it’s the right time for it. I knew that my company would never been able to exist if I started a year, or even half a year, before I started it. It wasn’t a chance that I began to branch out at the time that I did. I knew that it was time as I saw more and more things change behind the scene. I saw an opportunity and I took it. I was the right person at that time and I was ready to do the time that was needed for it. You need to do the same but in your own field. Look at things around you and find that spot where you know that in a year or two it will be THE thing and bet on yourself and the way the winds blow.

Time-based, I actually hate this. However I do have a time in my head when my big goal should be done. Still I do put time-based stuff to all my goals and work since that lets me see the progress and feel that there’s actually pressure to do it. Sure I don’t always hit the time and sometimes it comes way ahead of time. I also do 3 goals at the same time while still working on the larger one.

Aim higher

The reason why I’ve been able to grow this business around Twitch is not because I set only small attainable goals. I have a greater idea and I’m constantly thinking about where things are moving. If you or me would do the opposite and only look at “what works” or what’s “safe” we would always be behind the curve. You’re never going to get ahead of anyone else since you’re always treading paths that others have already walked over several times.

Yes when something is proven it sounds as if it’s a sure thing and therefor it should be easier to attain since you have a blueprint, right? Well that blueprint is for that person and that person alone AND it’s for the time-period that they did it in. There’s a big difference between Twitch today and what Twitch was three years ago. On top of all of that even if you think that you have the blueprint you never have the entire blueprint. You don’t have the scrapped ideas, the sharpening of skills or the same personality. How often haven’t you seen someone obviously not being themselves on camera? This slight adjustment, when it feels right, from 70% you to 100% you can change the outcome.

Why is this important when we look at the long game? When we look at the long game we’re using the now to create something for the future. We can all call ourselves streamers if we want but there’s not that many that are able to sustain themselves on it. If that’s the goal then what are you doing right now to make sure that happens? What will be your long game goal after that? What’s your current short term goals that allows you to strive towards the long game?

How many years?

The real question is, will you be around in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? Will you be proud about the body of work you have put in and the work you will put into it? These are the real questions that we need to ask ourselves. It’s not about what game you should play tomorrow. If you play the game that you feel is right you’re going to be in the right. It’s not about looking at trends but rather about analyzing how people communicate, how they think, what they do on Twitch, what they want from Twitch. The same goes for both the audience and the Twitch streamers themselves.

Want to boil all of this down to one thing?

Could you see yourself not streaming? If no. You’re in the clear. If yes, you need to take some time to think about where you are, what your next step is and where it all leads. Anything that holds you back from your true intentions or hindering your progress is a vulnerability. You might be solving short term but you’re only making it worse for the long game. That includes having bad branding, bad marketing etc. When you’re able to lock into the right path all of the pieces start to fall into place and you’re not afraid to adjust accordingly. This is your passion and that’s also what should be put out there front and center. If your goal aligns with that passion in the long game, and you’re betting on your strengths, you’re going to see a lot better results and you’re going to maintain your sanity.

I had to detox for a day and I actually didn’t eat for 30 hours. Trust me it was needed and now I feel 100% and I’m back at full force, something I’ve said before but not until now I actually feel it. As I move forward you’re going to see that drive more and more. I had to kick myself both mentally and physically (the fasting) to really see clearly. So many things are happening at once and it’s a bit stressful but I’ve decided to not take a step back but rather take a step forward. That’s working even harder! Want to know what I work with in relation to Twitch branding? Check out the info below!




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