Patience, patience, patience

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Let’s talk about something that might not sound that fun but it’s the one thing that always will let you grow. It will also allow yourself to see yourself in a different light and a way for you to understand your own path. What’s this word? Patience.

The starting point

For some it might seem as if this blog came out of nowhere and that over the past 2 years this grew to what it is today. While it’s true that this blog started 2 years ago it’s unfair to say that the growth was fast. It took me 10 years to get to where I am today. If I started 2 years ago I wouldn’t even trust myself in what I’m writing. However 10 years ago I started working with branding outside of Twitch of course (since that didn’t even exist), we can go even further back and look at a 12 year old me installing Paint Shop Pro. All of this was patience.

Patience is a key element of success.
— Bill Gates

Ambition and patience

We all have ambitions  but that would mean nothing without patience. Things take time and that’s fine. There’s no defined time-span that you should aim for but instead do what you  have a passion for and do it. That’s it just do it. Take whatever time you want and see if you can feel it. Feel it. Trust me all of this is a feeling that if you love, if you have a passion and if you have the ambition it will happen. You can even do the worst thing for 3 years and BOOM you wake up one day and you’ve figured it out. That’s a whole lot further than someone that never started have come. You’re now 3 years ahead and know what it is that you don’t want to do or what dosen’t work and you an focus on what does work and what you want to do.

All it took was patience
Crew Love by Drake

Patience will always give you more

Patience is the one ting that is always going to allow you to get the most out of your streaming career, or however you want to view it. It dosen’t matter if it’s for fun or if it’s going all in. Everything we do takes time and there’s no guidelines that say that after x-amount of months or years you should have x-amount of viewers. You need to see that there’s a lot of things that goes into someone that get’s partnership faster than you. They might have an education in drama, maybe they’ve done TV or maybe they’ve done improv in the past. These things don’t make you a better streamer but what they do is create someone. That’s it. You’re also someone but you need to identity what that someone is and the only real way to do that is over time and with that comes having patience.

This week I missed posting an article on Monday. I had to deal with something and it was something that I value a lot in my life and without that I wouldn’t even be able to continue doing this and I hope you can understand that. Nonetheless I’m here now and I wanted to throw some motivation your way that I’ve been thinking about this week. 

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