Do You Need Perfection for your Twitch channel?

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With all these case studies lately I haven’t really been able to sit down and write opinion pieces… if that’s the right word. Nonetheless since there’s no completed case study as of right now I’ll take this moment to write a few words about details and getting started.

Too often, and this is true for any size streamer, what truly gets in the way is the constant arguing over if or if not it’s the right thing. Who is this argument with? It’s between the streamer and themselves.

I’ve seen endless amount of posts on r/Twitch with similar titles as; “Do you think this is a good idea?”, Would you watch this content?”, and so on. They might get a few responses or maybe none. That will then determine if or if not they will execute. I wonder how many of those have gotten the wrong responses or not enough responses and due to that never executed on the idea. And then the world never got to see what might have been and who knows that thing might have been what those that never say your post wanted.

Data Evolution vs Leap of Faith

Data is great! I use it all the time to see what is working. However I’ve never and I will never use raw data to figure out what people need. Data can only do so much. Data is not enough and will never be enough.

Instead it’s the leap of faith, gut feeling, instincts and so on that truly will lead you to success. If I would have gone on data about Twitch branding I would have been a years behind. Every single big streamer took a chance and they did so without asking r/Twitch. They did it because they wanted to do it and so they did it.

There was no large idea behind it or perfect details. It’s when you go first, without being sure, that you’re going to find something that is truly special.

Don’t be afraid

When you’re a small streamer you might not have the same advantages as a large streamer. However that dosen’t mean that you have none.

You have the ability to test things out. There’s no loss in viewership but only potential growth. Even if there would be a loss that would be minimal. That allows you to go between different brand ideas without having to develop something that needs all the details or be perfect. And then when you’re ready and you feel that you’ve found the right path you can now move everything you’ve learned into that.

If you want to change your brand then change it. There’s no magic behind it. Want to change direction? Change it, again there’s no magic words that will aid you. Now is always the perfect time. There’s no need to overthink or ponder about what and what if. The best path will always be to do.

You don’t need me to tell you to do it, you sure as hell don’t don’t need r/Twitch to tell you to do it. It’s you and it’s only you. I know that’s scary. Trust me I’ve been there. I was right there two years ago, unsure what to do and unsure if it was the right thing. Do you know why it worked? Because I actually did it. What happened after that don’t matter. Since do it or not doing it is eliminator no matter how you look at it. Can you imagine how the Twitch branding landscape would look without me there?

The same can be said about any channel, and yes your Twitch channel as well. It comes down to that one decision that changed everything. It’s not “how the stars aligned” or “how someone got lucky”. No matter how you look at it you’ll see that it was that one decision that turned it all around.

Well that turned into a motivation article instead of just an opinion while I wrote it. That’s cool. I don’t mind it. I want you to be fired up about it. I’m fired up about it and I want to see some amazing channels out there happen right now.

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