How Much of Twitch is Luck?

By 12 June, 2017 No Comments

I’ve been rather vocal about this in the past. But I would say that I haven’t pushed it enough lately. In this article I want to go over a few things that I hope makes sense and that I hope you can use to fuel your fire to keep streaming.

Listened to a talk between Summit1G and Destiny. If you can find that talk you’ll get some really great insight, however I would say that if you’ve read a few of  my articles you’ll hear a lot repeated from that by them.

There was a certain part of their conversation were they went over luck. They in most part said that there’s a grain of luck involved but that it comes down to a bunch of other things before that. What they said was 100% true but I do feel that the word luck still haven’t been explained well enough yet.

A lot of things gets attributed to luck, and while yes there are such things as luck, far too many things are attributed to it.

The True Meaning of Luck

Luck, when it comes down to it, is a bet. Even then we could start walking that line of thinking and start to see “Why did you make that bet?”, “Who did you make that bet with?”, and so on. There are things that lead us to certain decisions.

You have to stop associating luck with every little thing that you can’t figure out. All it will do is create riddles you can’t solve. You think you have the answer (luck) but the fact is that the luck part was never there. So now you’re spending time betting on luck when you should bet on the situation that you’re putting yourself into.

Did someone see more success than you? That wasn’t luck. Ask yourself what bets they made to allow them to be in that position. Did they bet on the right game? The right personality at that time? Trust me that along the way they made a decision in their life that lead to to where they are today. It wasn’t luck but rather a long line of bets.

What Now?

I know that when you take away luck from the equation things get strange. When there’s no longer a way to throw things that you don’t understand. Like why didn’t X work for you when X worked for someone else? Simple answer? They did it better. It sort of sucks but it’s true. You need to find what you can do better than them. What you have more value in than them to your audience.

At the same time there are so many ways for you to capitalize once you do get past that everything is luck. When you no longer are hunting for luck but rather betting on the right things for your circumstances.

Too often do I hear streamers that want to be like X or Y streamer. I can tell you right now that it’s not possible to be them since you’re not them. You need to use what makes you how you are to your advantage and not see it as a disadvantage.

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