Let’s be thankful for the Twitch viewers we have!

By 24 December, 2015 No Comments

Hey everyone! I wanted to take few minutes and thank everyone that comes here on a regular basis or even on a non-regular basis. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. In Sweden we don’t have thanksgiving so I’m going to use this day to say thank you to everyone that have commented, tweeted, read or in someway interacted with any of my content.

Be thankful for every viewer you get

To relate this to you as a Twitch streamer. The attitude of gratitude is something that often is overlooked, not only as a way to engage and connect with your viewers but also to build up ambassadors and those close connections that will help you grow. It dosen’t matter if you have one viewer or 100, each of them should always be your main focus. If they’re not there you’re not there anymore it’s really that simple.

You owe it to your viewers to give it you all. They picked you over hundreds of partnered streams and thousands of non-partnered streamers each time they watch you instead of anyone else. That’s, when you think about it, incredible dedication on their part. Be thankful that they give you their time and that they sometimes even donate on top of that.

Understand that if someone leaves your channel dosen’t mean that you’re doing something wrong. That simply means your content wasn’t for them and that’s fine. You can reach everyone and should attempt to reach everyone! You’ll only end up alienating the ones that like your content in the first place.

Keep going for them and for yourself!

Don’t get discouraged on your Twitch path. All you’re seeing is the very best stuff since that’s what gets recognition. But remember that before that good stuff there was a lot of bad. Take a breather and stop focusing on what others are doing and instead just do your stream. That’s the only way to get better, there’s no magical potion that will suddenly make you a better stream. It all comes from experience and understanding what works and what dosen’t for you.

Lastly, do you hate all your early stuff? Well so do everyone else! It’s not a bad thing! It’s probably the best sign that you’ve improved. For other it’s a sign that you’re willing to improve and that there’s a journey there to follow.

So this holiday after you’re done with family stuff and cooking etc. start moving towards a new year or being thankful, both your the people (even if there’s few right now) that are giving their time to you and keep improving for each day to come.

All the best and happy holidays!

/ Daniel



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