It’s not all about luck for your Twitch channel

By 12 May, 2016 No Comments

We hear it from both big and small streamers that it’s luck. What is luck even? Is it randomly wandering into success? That’s at least what it sounds like when you listen to everyone talking about it. Let’s put it all into a different perspective. I’m lucky in the sense that I was adopted from Peru (a story for another day) and brought over to Sweden, I’m lucky that I have a mindset that works with what I want to do and I’m lucky that I have the skills to do design.

All of that is random luck. I might have not ended up being adopted and would have lived with my single mother that barley could’ve afford to support herself, I could have had a mindset that wouldn’t allow me to grow and I could have had a skill for something other than design. That’s the truth and that’s what true luck is. That’s not walking into luck no you make your own damn luck.

Is that the luck that got me to where I am today?

Yes some of it is. But it would be horrible to tell people and streamers that they made it due to only luck or a big portion of it was luck. I would say that telling someone got lucky is at this point saying that they didn’t work hard at making it, even if it was fun working that hard. I have tons of fun working hard and I’ve worked my ass off since I went full-time with Twitch. Working from morning until night, Monday to Sunday and never had thought to stop because I loved every second of it. I loved the ups and the downs, the hustle and the hard work that I put in. If you don’t have enough passion or passion for all that might go wrong as well as what might go wrong you might run out of that passion or burnout. It’s not all about luck for your Twitch channel.

There’s a balance there and it’s not a left or right thing. It’s a scale that you can move across freely whenever you feel like it. At sometime fun works for you and another time having a sharp mindset works for you. Sometimes hunkering down and going all-in is the way that works for you. No matter what it’s a fight, it’s a fire, and that thing resides inside of you, and it’s up to use to wield it to your advantage or not.

Hey big streamer don’t be silly!

I recently read a short essay from a streamer that didn’t like that other made generalizations but ended up doing 4-5 generalizations in the next paragraph. This wasn’t a small streamer by no means so let’s get it straight even big streamers have no idea what they’re talking about sometimes. Remember that a streamer that started 3 years ago know far less about starting right now then someone that started last week. Don’t let big streamers dictate your future and don’t allow them to tell you what’s the right mindset for you. You are the only one that knows you and again you are the one that can use that in your advantage or not.

This is the only thing you need to know about luck

We make your own luck! It’s giant trail mix of things that allows you to see success. Be it luck (defined correctly), hustle and confidence. Using the right mindset, self-awareness and perspective you can use your skills, sweat, luck, fun and success will find it’s way to you. At the end of the day you should be comfortable with how you approach streaming, be it for fun, serious or any other type of mindset. Don’t let a streamer tell you their POV and what they like or dislike. You’re not there to serve that streamer you’re there to build your thing based on who you are and you mindset it a huge part of that. Remember that it’s not all about luck for your Twitch channel and shouldn’t be your main focus.

That’s some much needed motivation! The weekend is almost here and that means the same hustle as everyday. No days off! Well I’m actually taking next weekend off… oops. I’m visiting a very close friend (hint, hint) so instead I’m working extra hard this weekend and next week so I can take that time off.

We thrive from progress and remember that if you start streaming today this day, and only this day, will be the worst your stream will ever be. From that day on it will only get better!

Swedish word of the day… köttbullar, that’s meatballs and I guess since I’m in Sweden that means Swedish meatballs.



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