Don’t Play it Safe

By 27 November, 2017 No Comments

If you’re reading this it’s a high chance that you have the drive and dedication to make your Twitch channel a success. That right there puts you ahead of 99% of other streamers out there. You probably also know that this is a game of attention—in whatever form that might come in.

We all make content. But who are you making that content for? Are you making it for yourself? Or are you making it for others? (not be confused with who is running your channel). If you go to Twitter or Reddit or even listen to Twitch streamers talk it’s all about self-promotion. “How do I get to x-amount of viewers?” “Where do I find an audience for this thing?” “How do I network?”. It’s cool… but it’s not helpful. If you’re doing what everyone else is doing and you’re only doing it for yourself? Then why should anyone care about it?

I’ve mentioned this before but what is happening is just people asking to get viewers. But literally and with their stream. “Here is my stream, now watch it”. That’s what everyone is doing right now and it’s not working.

If we take a look at those that are actually seeing results—and not those that already have an advantage (ie. already famous or good looking as all hell)—all of a sudden those that are actually there showing numbers and results are those that are simply giving, and giving a sh*t ton before asking to get anything back.

Constantly testing

There’s no way to know ahead of time exactly what people want. We can guess and we can assume. But unless you actually start trying new things here and there to create something new you’re going to end up in a pattern with your stream.

Don’t end up being complacent (if you want to get deeper into that read this old article of mine) with you stream. Don’t end up doing the same thing over and over again just because “it’s your brand”. A brand is great but a brand is something that you keep building. It’s not a static thing that you can set and forget.

I encourage you to be creative with your stream. Test things out and play to the strengths of your brand and what you’re aiming to build with it.

Here’s the thing. When, and they might, one of those “new things” pops and goes viral on Twitch. That’s attention and that’s a legacy that you alone can build something from. We have seen this plenty of times both on Twitch and outside of Twitch. When you’re the first at something that’s a “Oh you’re that person that did that thing”. You want to meet that person and you want to network with that person, right? What is stopping you from being that person?

Don’t play this safe

Just do what is that you want to do. Ignore what reddit says about your “Could this work?” or “Would you watch this?” stream. Just do what you want and let that play out.

Keep it creative and keep on giving and keep on doing what you love.

Hope you enjoyed this little motivation talk that we just had with each other. I love you and I really do think that you can make all of this happen.



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