Dealing With Negative Feedback

By 19 October, 2017 No Comments

This is something that all streamers at some point has to deal with. No matter if it’s on social media or in your own Twitch chat. While the positive (the viewers that watches your content, follows you on social media, engages with you and so on) outweighs the negative that negative can still sneaks it’s way in.

However, it shouldn’t and it don’t have to. With the right approach to there really is nothing there.

Sure they might hate your content and they might even go out of their way to show that. The question becomes how do we handle that? How do we deal with those that for some reason don’t like what the other do?

Simple: Your content is not for them.

For some reason they’ve come to your channel and it wasn’t for them. They’re not there for what you offer. Or they want it but they want it from someone else. Or they don’t understand you or your content.

Of course there’s things that you can address. You can make your brand clearer so there’s no confusion. However some things you can’t change, and that’s perfectly fine. There’s way too many viewers on Twitch for your content to be for everyone. This is super important thing to understand when it comes to streamer.

Allow them to no like your content. It’s simply not for them.

Kept it short and sweet  this week. I imagine that a lot of readers are at TwitchCon right now and enjoying the convention. So I wanted to write something that you can read on the fly or right before bed.

I hope you enjoyed this article (and if you didn’t that’s alright). If you’re interested in my Twitch branding services check out my portfolio.



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