Using Twitch Pulse and Twitch Events

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Why are these good to have? Is there an advantage to using them? Why should you use them? There’s a lot of question out there regarding using Twitch Pulse and Twitch Events. I’m going to give you my thoughts on both of them and how you can use them.

A while back Twitch introduced Events, in where streamers can schedule their own events. These events can then give you an email reminder. Or they can be exported into different type of calendars.

While Pulse still is rolling out and I’ve seen a bunch of different version of it. Both with the new UI/UX and without it and, like in my case, only the new UI/UX but not the Pulse integration. Nonetheless Pulse is a way for streamers to send out a message that their friends and follower can see in their Pulse feed. People can then react to or comment on said status update. Does that sound like Twitter and Facebook? Yes, and it will become apparent why that’s a good thing, but more on that later.

Both of these have received mixed reviews by both streamers and viewers, to say the least. From people saying that it’s a waste of time to those that say that they don’t see the proof in the Return on Investment, in terms of viewers, clicks and engagment. I don’t care about that. Instead I’m going to look at the possibilites and the benefit of being early on this “platform”.


Let’s start with the least controversial of the bunch to setup the scene for us. I think a lot of people can see the potential in using events.

So what’s the best way to use these? Well they’re called events for a reason. They seem to be mostly tailored around when you have a special event that is irregular or special compared to your regular stream schedule. Could you use to put in your own schedule? You could BUT it would turn into noise over time and lose all it’s meaning. It might even result in someone unfollowing your channel… why is that? Well that’s something I’ll get to in a minute.

Now there’s nothing that says that you, with some carefulness, can’t use it to schedule your regular streams. There are streamers that do have irregular schedule and that does actually qualify as an event. It’s something that’s not expected and dosen’t become part of the noise.

Lastly there’s also nothing that says that these events has to be “going live” related. These can be made into appearances, meetups and wide range of the things. While it’s true that it has a box to enter game category. There’s nothing that says you can’t leave that empty or for that matter that more functionalities can be added in the future. More on that a bit further down.

Now I kept talking about noise. What’s that about?

Pulse and early adaption

Noise leads us directly into Pulse. When it was first introduced as Channel Feed it had (and to some degree still has) a lower impression rate than standing on your street and screaming. Mainly due to the fact that it was only visible in chat and for those that did get Pulse Beta access, it was overlooked due to how few people actually go the frontpage of Twitch (hopefully that will change).

However now we have it integrated into the rest of the frontpage. That means that any and all content that’s pushed out in your channel feed (even if you don’t have it enabled on your channel) will show up on the front page.

Streamers should 100% advocate for their viewers to get to the frontpage for often. I’m serious. This is one of the biggest hurdles at the moment. For along time the frontpage have been looked over since it has no value to a viewer. Now however it’s going to explode with value (you get value, you get value and you get value!).

This is a huge plus sign. If you’re someone that advocates that smaller streamers don’t get attention on the front page? Well they sure as heck do now! Any and all post by the ones that you follow will start to show up right there on the front page. It’s pretty much free advertising.

HOWEVER, and here’s the kicker, NO ONE IS USING IT. What the heck? This is a golden opportunity to figure out what your audience want and a way convert those followers, that might not always show up in your stream, to become more active in your channel.

Want me to go further? At this moment big streamers don’t really use it (since they don’t see the ROI, for some reason) so all of your Pulses/status updates will take front and center stage. You right now have a golden opportunity to pretty much be the first one to “figure out” Pulse or be the first one to “go big” due to Pulse.

One last thing — but it’s important — remember that we talked about events earlier? And how they can become noise? Or about how you might have someone unfollower you due to noise? Here it is. Everything you push in your channel feed or events goes to that frontpage now. That means that IF you push out update on update, that turns to noise, that turns to feeling like spam and that might result in someone unfollowing you (same that might happen on something like Twitter or Facebook). Do keep this is mind and that it’s all about context, creativity and value.

Looking towards the future

We all know that Twitch recently pushed out their latest update of their UI/UX. That does include events, pulse and a new layout for the site. We now see that Events and Pulse gained a lot of value in the matter of a few hours.

The thing is that as Twitch start to integrate all of the features and come up with new ones. They’ll increase in value for you. While one might say “Why do Twitch want to be Twitter/Facebook?” on the other hand that means that you reach those that don’t have Facebook or those that haven’t signed up on Twitter. Instead everyone that’s a follower is easily reached. 300 followers on Twitch but only 30 on Twitter? Then you should be one of the people advocating for Pulse and not against it.

This then leads us into what might come in the future. There’s a desktop app so it’s reasonable to think that events and Pulse could be tied to that in some way. From alerts an hour before an event or push notifications for your Channel Feed and so on. There’s a reason why Twitch is pushing a more uniform look and feel. There’s a reason why they want the audience to stay on Twitch. And there’s for sure a reason why you should look into each new feature and how it might play into current and future features.

There we go. It’s the end of the week and we’re wrapping it up with a pretty neat opinion piece. These aren’t to make you change but really just to make you think. That’s really the core of this site. I want you to start thinking on your own and not only look at larger streamers and try to emulate. That will only result in you being one step behind instead of one step ahead.

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