User-generated content/marketing for Twitch broadcasters

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User-generated content/marketing for Twitch broadcasters

Twitch broadcasters are well known to create great content, both live, highlight, shows or other ways. However the one thing that a lot of Twitch broadcasters tend to miss is the-user generated content/marketing for Twitch broadcasters. In this article I want to go over what that is, how you can do it, how to start it and a few examples how others have used user-generated content/marketing for Twitch broadcasters.

Let’s get it started

I think we’ve all seen fan art from the different communities that we’ve been in or around. I want to establish that user-generated content is more than fan-art. Even a comment in your chat is user-generated content. The basis of all of this is that anything your audience creates is or can be regarded as user-generated content (UGC).

Here’s a few other things that you can add to that list:

  • Tweets
  • Chat messages
  • Fan-art
  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Images (be it photos or “photoshops”)

These are only a few of the amount of things you could find in your audience. You could probably find more the more you know about your audience. The fact is that no matter what you probably have a lot more UGC then what you think you have.

Companies are really good at taking this kind of content and creating marketing around but even more important it creates engagement in the community, people can see that there’s trust in your community and it creates brand awareness. Allowing your audience to be apart of your brand won’t diminish your brand but rather reinforce it.

How can you use it?

When you have the UGC you an start doing a lot of things with it. It’s  not about only dropping a Tweet or a re-tweet, you can take it way beyond that. Look at what bigger brands outside of Twitch do with their UGC. Let’s say you sell t-shirts to your community and all of a sudden you start seeing Tweets and Instagram posts of people showing of what they’re wearing. Sure you can re-tweet that and get some impressions but the true immersion and engagement comes when you encourage it and start to create things around it.

If you actually create a campaign around it you’re in control and let people know that you’re going to collect it into something. For instance you could tell them that you’re going to use it to create a collage of images at the end of the campaign. With that you create an event around the purchase and you extend the experience of buying it. This also further shows those that didn’t buy that they’re missing something that the community have come together about.

You can do the same with fan-art, “photoshops”, Tweets and stories. Allow you community to be apart of the entire experience. That’s going to allow you to build a strong relationship between you and your audience. Another very important aspect is that you make them the hero instead of yourself. That might sound counteractive when the Twitch channel is you but trust me that’s also why Twitch broadcasters refer to their community as WE. It’s part of building something strong and the more time you invest into your community the more you’re going to get back on that investment, as with anything you invest in you want a good return on that investment. You’re only going to get that ROI if you’re actually investing in both you and them, and that’s going to take a lot of time but I would like to hope that you’re in it for the long run and not for the “quick money”.

One of my personal favorite wasn’t created by the streamer but ended up being something fun and crazy. That’s exactly what his channel is all about so it fit in perfectly. Eat My Diction created a sponsored video for one of his sponsors, where he used his skills from film school and that fit very well into who he is and what he likes to talk about (authentic), in that video there was a few seconds where you could see him in front of his computer and looking over his shoulder while Minecraft was being played on a beast computer.

What happened was that someone from his community took a screenshot from that and edited in something very different on the screen. That in turn turned into a bunch of other to follow up with sending in their version. The only thing that was missed was to quickly provide a template for anyone to easily add a image even if you don’t have the best program for it. Still that accidental marketing campaign was fun to see from the outside and even more fun while being part of that community. That’s what I want you to lock into. Sorry for not having the image but I couldn’t find them.

No UGC yet?

The best way to get UGC is to actually ask for it. You can simply create a movement or event where you encourage engagement with your content or by your audience creating content. In this case it’s not about being selfish but rather about bringing your community closer. You still want to be athentic in your approach to what you want do. That dosen’t mean being transparent and showing everything but being relate able towards what your stream is about. For instance if your stream is about health it’s not going to feel authentic if you ask people to send in pictures about something unhealthy.

You can twist and turn certain things into being authentic by giving it your spin. That’s the point in having a Twitch channel. There’s no one like YOU so you have to use that power to allow people to relate to what is that you do. That’s what being yourself and authentic is all about.

Instead of putting your quotes into a quote bot why not put things that user have said? Why not have a campaign where people create the best “photoshops” of you? That can even turn into a emoticon eventually. There’s so much unused power in a community that’s not used at all. For the most part the most used is adding a moderator.

I want you to think about content that user could create around your stream. Encourage that type of engagement and give your audience a way to express themselves (they’re probably already are, and with the Creative tab on Twitch there’s networking between those channels) and for those outside to see that your community is alive.

Most people will go to the packed cafe. But what if the empty cafe was way cheaper, made better coffee, and was much cleaner? It wouldn’t matter. People naturally want what other people have, and they feel a certain level of comfort from following the choices of others […]. It partially explains why we see a lot of people wearing white earphones. — Ruslan Kogan

When you have that active community you create something that others want to be apart of. And that might sound hard when you have no one watching but trust me if you stay on course and focus you will find success. It’s game based on time, dedication and finding the right path for you to walk.



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