Understanding the ROI of Twitch giveaways

By 20 January, 2017 No Comments

What’s ROI? That’s the return of investment. In this particular case we’re talking the ROI of a Twitch giveaway. Giveaways, even when they’re sponsored, takes time or money and time and time is money so there will always be some sort of investment into tot giveaway.

“How do I do Twitch giveaways?”

A giveaway can be great when done the right way. That’s when you’re actually seeing a return on your investment. However most giveaways are run really bad and has ROI whatsoever. I’ll go over how you can measure it for your Twitch giveaways. The same goes here your goals and your Twitch giveaways will be different than another streamer, we’ll get more to that later.

You’re going to refine this process each time you run a giveaway. There’s no way to really know the total investment into a giveaway when you’ve never done it. On top of that it might grow or shrink each time. There’s also no, and let’s repeat that NO, way to compare your ROI to someone else. Your ROI is determined by your ultimate goals with your Twitch giveaways. So each time you’re running a Twitch giveaway you’re going to what to do and what not to do to reach your goals.

Step 1 is to make sure that your Twitch giveaway is legal. I’m not an expert in every countries¬†laws or state laws so I’m not going to act as if I do know. What I can say is that you should consult with a lawyer that knows the laws in your country and state.

What can I read from the ROI?

The real ROI is of course not just an influx on “padded views” or “empty followers”. It’s to actually get people to engage with your Twitch brand. 5 people¬†that actually follows, watch and engages with you is far more valuable than 1000 extra views on your Twitch channel that might only have gone there to get the prize.

Re-tweet for chance or a follow for a change at the prize are both going to give you a number that’s not going to do anything for you. If you really want it to have an impact on your future create a contest that actually generates content. Visual things like image, fanart, videos etc. has a much higher chance of spreading than a text re-tweet.

When you’re looking at what to actually giveaway you need to make it relevant to your Twitch brand. Something that actually will capture the people that your channel is trying to reach. Of course that comes back to who your target audience is and what you brand is. When you start to get this right you can actually measure your Twitch giveaways with follows on your Twitter (or similar). This is because you’re actually reaching people that will enjoy your Twitch content.

Running a giveaway isn’t all about the views and it’s much more about brand awareness and engagement with your Twitch content. If you’re going to do Twitch giveaways at least do them so that they can benefit your actually growth instead of only being numbers that means nothing.

Keeping it short and sweet for this one. Wanted to give my thought on this topic without going too deep on the subject. The reason behind that is that you have to do it yourself to be able gauge what it’s like. Your contests will differ from others so if someone tells you that they have it figured out; turn around and walk the other way.

How come I know about this stuff? I’ve worked with both small and big streamers on their Twitch branding. Scroll down to the little blurb below to read more about what that means.



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