The industry panels at TwitchCon

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This isn’t the big TwitchCon article  that I’m going to write but I wanted to push out two articles this week. What I wanted to talk a little bit about here was the industry panels at TwtichCon and what you might have missed but also my thoughts on them in general.

Special Guest

TwitchCon Industry Panels

Special Guest

Since I was there as a special guest I got access to all of the VIP things and the industry panels. I didn’t go see them all since I had business stuff to handle, friends to meet and preparing for my panel (more on that in future articles). The ones I did go see where… interesting… and there were a lot of different reasons why it was interesting.

These panels where not open to the public (even if I both saw and heard people with regular passes got in at times) and these where not (as far as I know) not broadcaster to the public. So what was the purpose of these panels? On the surface they seems as they would service a deeper insight into how we better can work with streamers, and to some extent this is what they aimed to be and sometimes that’s also what they hit.

Who are these panels for?

TwitchCon Industry Panels


These panels where not 100% aimed at the streamer but rather at the gaming industry, companies in general (both game and non-game related) and had a very large commercial aspect to it. Not only that it felt more as if Twitch wanted to sell companies on the idea of having ad campaigns on Twitch. This is the reason why we have Twitch RPG (Research Power Group) and you have to understand that the data collected is so Twitch better can sell ad space or ad campaigns on Twitch to circumvent adblock. Now that’s not really a bad thing since that also means that they understand that only having pre-rolls and mid-rolls is a a dying attempt at revenue.

What you as a streamer can take away from these panels, if you were able to catch them, is how you can reverse engineer what was said in them. The problem is that there’s no record of them anywhere in VOD form but maybe they’ll be sent out to partnered streamers. As of right now you had to be there to be able to get the the full benefit of it. If you look at the different job applications that you can put in to work at Twitch (different offices around the world) there’s a lot of them that are directed towards business to business or something called Twitch Custom Solutions, Twitch Custom Solutions is (as far as I can gather) a in-house attempt to get going with ad campaigns. I’ve also heard that streamers are getting PR and media training done from Twitch it wouldn’t surprise me that Twitch wants to take a bigger step to control their talent, similar to YouTube Red.

What’s in it for you as a streamer?

As mentioned you can reverse engineer what Twitch is putting out there for companies. Twitch is effectively pumping resources into getting Twtich recognized as a serious asset in a marketing campaign but not only that but also that the talent is important. That means that, even if you’re small, you’re going to have a lot more leverage as companies (even outside of the gaming community and sub-culture) start to open of their eyes to Twitch.

In many aspects these panel filled a very interesting space and opened up my eyes to a lot of thing that I can do to align myself with the future of Twitch. I’ve already decided to start writing on two article series that are all about the things above. It’s going be about how you (both small, medium and big streamer) can use what Twitch is putting out there to your advantage. Anyone can reverse engineer their push and ride the same wave with or without the help of Twitch. If you’re able to understand where the waves are coming and in what strength you’re going to have a lot more success as a surfer.

What we all can do right now is act on the fact that Twitch are doing these things and pushing for a change. Don’t wait until you hear something but rather understand that there’s a constant processes and it’s out there if you dig deep enough.

(to clarify; the industry panels I made it out to where on the last day and the first day)

Can you notice that I’ve got a new camera? Adding a bit of style to the articles hopefully but also going a bit HAM on posting images on Instagram and Twitter. Anyway If you want to know why I got a special guest pass and why I got to talk about Twitch branding/design at a TwitchCon panel you can read in the box below or this link.




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