“Selling” to the right audience on Twitch

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A lot of times people tend to over complicate the meaning of a target audience or they go way too wide with it. If you actually want to grow it’s not about reaching everyone it’s about reaching those that believe in what you’re “selling”, and let’s start with that word.

Is selling a bad word?

Selling isn’t a bad word. You might not be selling a product (even if some of you are) but you’re selling your entertainment, yourself and your brand. The people you’re selling that to is your audience and they’re buying it with time (time = money). When we start to look at it from that angle it’s no longer something strange, or at least shouldn’t be.

So why isn’t your approach of reaching everyone work? It should make sense right? The larger the group is you’re trying to reach the more people will see your channel? Well you’re “selling technique” is way off. You’re trying to get people that have no interest in your Twitch channel into your Twitch channel. Here’s the truth; when someone doesn’t want to be a part of your channel stop trying to convince them.


Remember that time is money and what you’re doing when you’re trying to convince people (even if it’s not outspoken, saying “I want to reach everyone in this age group is still trying to convince people that mostly likely don’t care) you’re wasting your time and in effect you’re wasting your money. That’s time that could be spent into finding people that DO want to be apart of your channel and getting their attention. You’re wasting the money that could go into making your channel better with branding or putting it towards getting attention.

What to do?

When you’re small, have a small reach or your target audience is “thin” you need to start go deep on a human level and be patient, because we as humans connect with other humans but that will take time AND that’s fine. Harsh truth; that your Twitch channel is the best, that you’re the funniest streamer, that you feel you have more interaction with your chat and so on is all subjective. You have to prove that what you have is better than what other already have. If they think Twitch streamer X is more valuable than you it has to be worth it to them (time=money) to either split that time or give you all their time.

Even if you have a large audience market (yes let’s play with the thought that everyone is your target audience or there’s a large audience) then you still  need to understand that not everyone will be sold on you. Having that understanding and having the understanding that you need to move on will, once again, save you time and money. It’s simply stop trying to convince people that never will be sold on your and focus on people that want it.

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