The return “customer” at your Twitch channel

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I’m going to very briefly cover this subject. The reason why I’m only doing it briefly is one part that it feel it should be enough. On the other hand going deeper on the subject would demand several pages so I’ll save that for later.

Stores are sort of like a Twitch channel

You’re sittin there thinking “why are people coming back to my channel?” or “why aren’t people coming back to my channel?”. There’s two things here either they do or they don’t.

In the very first step we need to understand that people are entering your space. They then decide if they want to become a “customer” to your channel or not. That first point of contact is your visual brand/brand and your content.

So what does a customer do when they enter a new shop? They look around, they feel it out, they see if the product is good, they’ll see how the service is and maybe they’ll return.

The same goes for your channel. They’re going to look around at your visual brand. They’ll feel your brand out. They’ll see if the content is good. They’ll see if you’re someone they’ll like (the service) and then they might follow. After that they’ll decide if they’ll come back or not. Eventually that will lead to a subscription or tip (the sale).

Here’s the hard part

It’s up to you to keep the right customer around for your channel. That’s why you need to carefully craft your entire channel. From the visual brand that are your window shop. To what goes in inside and how you interact with your “customers” and that’s the content/entertainment/skill (and so on) that you provide.

The clearer this is the easier you will have people that want to come back to your “store”. Think about why you return to certain stores or stores that you like above others. What’s the reason for it? Is it the quality? Is it the friendly reception? Is it what content they have?

Also think about what makes you leave a store. Those very same things are what people consider when they come to your “store”.

One thing is the same across them all however. It’s that there’s no store that’s trying to cover every need. You’re not trying to capture everyone you’re going to be bonding and go deep with your viewers. That will never happen is your target is everyone.

All you want to do is build it one interaction at a time and over time that will result in something bigger. Your tribe and your slice of the Twitch audience.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to anchor these marketing and branding things to real life. It tends to make it a bit easier to grasp.

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