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Paying for advertising for your Twitch channel?

By 3 April, 2017 No Comments

This is an extension to what I wrote in yesterday’s newsletter. One thing that I forgot to mention was the the things that I brought up are paid advertising. It was something that came up during my stream where we talked about different places that I could see myself advertising my website. In the same breath it got me thinking about places and how we could advertise our own Twitch channels.

Why paid advertising?

While natural clicks can be great there is a option to do paid advertising effectively and not overpriced. Most advertising is based on actual discovery where you set your minimum and maximum budget for certain keywords, dates, geographical areas and so on. That will then only be charged depending on who it’s shown to or if it’s clicked on. There’s advertising words for all of these things but for this article we’re not going to go too deep into that.

Let’s look at few different places where you can advertise without it costing you a leg and an arm.


When it comes to strong algorithms there’s probably nothing more powerful than Facebook. They track pretty much everything you do on their website to then use that data to target ads. While it sounds pretty bad that someone is tracking what you do, and it is. It’s always something that when you start to advertise will see the benefits from.

As you might understand if you’re running a local bakery in small town you probably have no need to advertise to someone on another continent. This is what the data is used for. It looks for a bunch of different things but one might be as simple as where the person lives at and only push out the bakery ad to people that live in the same town or even down to two or three blocks away from the bakery (yes you can get very specific with your target ads).

How can that function for your Twitch channel?

What this all comes down to — and it will be the same no matter what advertising channel you decide to use — is that you need to know two things; what your branding is and what you target audience is. Those two will then combine to create the advert, but that comes later. First we need to identify how and to who we should target the advert.

Example: You have a channel that does Destiny. You’re currently on a break from the game but you  heard that Destiny 2 is coming out. So you decide that you want to amp up your brand and your channel for your return to the game. Remember that bakery? We can use the same concepts here as they would use.

Depending on the time you stream you might want to consider the timezones that people will watch your stream from. If you know that a larger audience of yours are from Europe then that’s a pretty good start. Now since Twitch is an online service we can cater to larger audience than a local bakery so geolocation might not the be optimal thing to fine tune.

Next we want to look at what type of person would actually be interested in watching your content. The more familiar you are with what type of person and type of content you produce the better Return on Investment (ROI) you’ll see. Let’s say you want to target gamers, in a certain age group, that like MMO, third person shooters and Destiny. You know when people enter in their interests or when the hit the like button? Well you can reach those depending on interests and likes. And we can keep going by adding that the person should also like Twitch or Destiny 2 and so on. We can even go further and only target those that know those type of people, since if they see they might recommend it to their friend and now we’re starting to get into word of mouth through our adverts.

What type of ad?

Facebook is very much a visual medium where people have a tendency to look at images or videos. You have a huge benefit here in that videos actually autoplay on Facebook. That means that you have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention with your videos, of course there won’t be any audio. Depending on the clip you choose you can still get a lot of attention.

Here’s where you have a huge advantage in that you probably already have great content. Highlights from your Destiny gameplay or if this campaign is after the launch maybe you’ll have Destiny 2 gameplay. Combine that with some decent to good editing and you’ll have a great start to a promoted post/ad. Use the fact that you produce video content on a weekly basis to your advantage.


Now let’s look at something as familiar as Reddit. This is actually a place that I’ve been thinking about advertising on. However it’s probably a good idea to keep in mind that Reddit rates rather low amongst advertisers and marketers for the ROI. You’ll probably get a ton of impressions and decent click rate but a lower conversion rate.

My theory comes in two parts why that might be. First of all you can’t really target a specific person based on specific interests or likes. Even if you can enter interests it’s very limited. For instance there’s one for Gaming but nothing for Twitch or MMO. A interest like Gaming is very broad and can stretch way beyond Destiny 2 or Destiny for that matter.

The other part is that your posts are text/link posts. That only land at the top of the page in specific subreddits. So you need to sharpen your writing skills a little to actually get some ROI.

What you do have is the power to target specific subreddits with your Twitch channel. Of course we want to get as specific as possible here. You can also select a certain location if your audience is location specific.

Example: We’re going to keep using the Destiny 2 example here as well. We don’t need to worry about the same amount of things as we had to do with Facebook. Mainly since you don’t have access to the same amount of specific data.

Instead we can look at the subreddits that we can target since it can’t get more specific than putting an ad at the top of r/DestinyTheGame/ or r/Destiny2. Even if r/Destiny2 has a smaller audience it’s worth doing it there as well since those are some pretty dedicated people. Now if your gameplay is even more specific you can start to looking at even more niche subreddits.

What type of ad?

For instance if you were doing an advert for your Diablo 3 Twitch channel you might want to target r/Diablo3witchdoctors if you’re playing the Witch Doctor. Let’s go further and say that you play Witch Doctor in Hardcore and then we might target r/diablo3hc as well.

The type of ad here might be a bit different from the ones you did for Facebook. Sure you can link to one of your Clips (that’s a pretty solid idea) but you still need to capture them with your ad text. Something like “Best Twitch Channel” might catch some eyes but it’s not going to convert, due to that it will only set up for possible disappointment.

Instead I would go for something that’s value based and actually pertains to your brand and the content that you actually produce on your channel. “24h Destiny 2 Marathon stream with friends and viewers + Giveaway”, will both catch eyes and describe what actually will happen. There’s a few different approaches out there from telling people what they might lose if they don’t click to asking a question to get engagment.

What else? What about the price tag?

Above you have two rather different approaches to advertising your channel. From the more in-depth target ads to the more broad. The reason why I picked these two are due to that fact. For both of these it’s also possible to set your own budget. On Facebook, specifically, you can set a daily and a maximum. That means that your ads can be as much as you feel it’s worth.

I’m not telling you to go out and spend a fortune on any of these platforms, or any others for that matter. What I would do is at least try it out. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollar and you can stick to as little as 50USD. Why should you do it? I think it will help you understand your channel. If you don’t get any views you’re doing something wrong in how you’re presenting yourself. If you’re not able to present yourself on either platform you might want to either rethink your approach or rethink how you see your own brand.

You can also see it as a learning experience. You’ll learn a lot from even doing a small campaign. You’ll get a lot of insight into how ads on different platforms work that you later can apply to larger campaigns.

This was a super fun article to write. I’m going to try out Reddit specifically for my portfolio or maybe an article. I’ll see where that leads and how well it does. If I don’t have a case study for this Thursday I’m going to write an article on marketing decks. So all in all it will be a pretty strong marketing week if you’re looking to see how to market your Twitch channel.

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