Modern day reality TV and Twitch IRL

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With Twitch IRL we’re moving in a very interesting direction. I’ve heard all the complaints, but as you know people that tend to complain are the ones that are falling behind. Twitch IRL is a very interesting move in the marketing aspects not only from Twitch but for the streamers that use Twitch.

Making a connection

Twitch IRLSomething that I hope haven’t alluded anyone is how important the story is for a streamer. The ups and the downs behind the camera is a lot more captivating than moment in your gaming. The connection with you is what really allows you to build a community. The moments are great for attention but won’t always allow for future retention. That’s why there’s such an emphasis on the personal connection. Sure you probably have examples where you’ve connected with someone that haven’t told their story right out. Do take a minute and think about it and you’ll see that you’ve either constructed your own story or the story have been built up over time through smaller one-way (or even two-way) interactions.

What’s the deal with Twitch TV?

With the introduction of of Twitch IRL it’s going to allow your brand to grow big by you becoming big. Now this might sound a bit weird but stay with me. Your gaming channel is your brand but who you are has an equal or even stronger relevance (as I outlined above).

It’s easy to say that we on Twitch understands the importance of social media but I want to question that. How deep is that knowledge really? What most people know is that using it does extend your reach, the same way that streaming on Twitch extends your reach. But do you truly know the psychological and science on why it does so? A lot of people will get mad the moment someone becomes famous from Twitch IRL. Let them. They missed the bus. They didn’t execute on something the right way and lost because of it. When the gameplan is there everyone will try and copy it. You, and everyone, have the opportunity right now to start something on Twitch IRL and do it right.

Twitch IRL vs reality TV

Twitch IRL is what reality TV was in 2000. You’re still going to need talent to execute it right. The thing is that even if a TV company would come to you today and want to do a reality TV show on you. Should you really do it? Or is it in your interest to have the final say on the final cut? That’s where Twitch IRL comes in. It’s a step in the reality TV universe that now are already all over YouTube in vlog form.

What you can do is take it to the next level for your Twitch channel. Make something into a show about you. Be it that it’s all about the daily things behind your Twitch channel. Be it that it’s about your enjoyment of food. Or be it that it’s your life with friends. You can  now with Twitch IRL and with being able to upload you can now craft your own story/show on Twitch. Something that is a companion to your Twitch Channel.

Using Twitch IRL to connect and grow is and will be one of the the greatest tools in 2017. It’s a matter of doing it right so the question is who will do it first? And will that person be you?

Monday, monday, monday. This is my show right now. Should I start to vlog? Maybe I should. How should I do it? Not sure yet. I have so many interesting things that I think could be really interesting so we’ll see what happens. Meeting tomorrow with the team on the dynamic overlay design tool at least. 

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