Why Guerrilla Marketing is Bad for Your Twitch Channel

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When you start to read up on marketing and you find your way to Guerrilla Marketing. Or maybe you remember the word Guerrilla Marketing from when you were younger. You start to see what it did and all of the benefits that it had. How you don’t need a big budget to make a big splash. Sounds really good right? Sounds like something that would really fit into the narrative of Twitch?

Here’s the thing; I see a lot of smaller streamers applying guerrilla marketing (knowingly or unknowingly) for the Twitch channels. Most of the time it will only have the opposite effect of their intention. It’s not a practice hat works anymore so let’s go over why that is and what actually works today.

What’s Guerrilla Marketing?

Before we get into why guerrilla marketing is bad for your Twitch channel and not the right choice anymore we need to go over what it is.

The core of guerrilla marketing was that it was no longer only giant organizations with giant budgets that could do marketing. Instead it’s possible to spread an idea with effort, guts, and not just money. It opened up that anyone could could do marketing without having to be marketers. It was a movement that spoke to the noise and reaching people in unexpected ways.

It was to use unconventional marketing methods to reach a maximal result with minimal resources. This is of course the dream when you’re a small streamer so it’s easy to be blinded by the idea that it would work today.

Why Guerrilla Marketing is Bad for Your Twitch Channel

So why dosen’t it work anymore? The truth is that the problem in the premise no longer exists. It has swung over and today anyone with an internet connection can reach out with their message. This has created A LOT of noise out there. In fact there’s so much noise that when you add to that noise with more noise, guess what? It dosen’t work.

We’re surrounded by this noise on daily basis and we do what we do best with noise and we tune it out. You can dress the noise however you want but at the end of the day it’s all noise.

What’s the new alternative?

Of course adding more noise to noise will not help you grow your Twitch channel. What will work is dong the hard work of earning the benefit of people telling other people of your content. Creating content that people will enjoy and want to share with their friends, followers, viewers, and so on.

Stick to the best content that you can produce, build that for the smallest possible audience, and building something that’s worth talking about. That’s how you create “buzz” with adding to the noise. We need more care and generosity. We don’t need more noise.

This is why branding and target audience have grown to be the most integral part of a Twitch channel. When looking at it from a solid growth perspective this is what really creates a great Twitch channel. It’s not the amount of viewers and it’s not the luck.

There you have a few thoughts on guerrilla marketing in the Twitch space. It’s always interesting to see how marketing changes over time. For instance guerrilla marketing might not exists in it’s previous form but it did sort of morph into viral marketing. So there’s always space for marketing to change and transform over time.

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