The “Going Live” Tweet

By 28 February, 2017 No Comments

With IFTTT now including Twitch among their services. You’re probably going to see a lot of automated tweets or even think about it yourself — however the Philips Hue combined with Twitch is currently the top application. Nonetheless you’ve probably seen the tweets that I’m talking about. It’s a short tweet to inform Twitter follower that the streamer have now started streaming.

You’ve seen your favorite big streamer do it and they get tons of re-tweets, likes and comments. It’s amazing, right? But when you do it or a smaller streamer does it none of that happens. Why is that? Let me explain.

The value proposition

The reason why it dosen’t work for you is probably due to the value proposition. While you’re tweet might carry weight to some that are dedicated to your stream it won’t carry over to those that don’t. Even if it’s a re-tweet you need to think about what value proposition that is for the ones that sees the re-tweet.

Most likely the ones that sees the re-tweet have no idea who you are — and “GOING LIVE” won’t really tell them that much nor will it peak their interest. Yet these are probably close or in your target audience so they’re exactly the people that you want to see your channel.

What you need to think about what the value your stream has to your target audience. Why should someone that’s in your following what you? What will make them want to give said value to people in their following? Why should someone that sees the re-tweet care?

Do you see that all of those question doesn’t get an answer with “GOING LIVE”? As an example I tweet specific things followed by a call to action. The more specific your tweet can be the better. One of mine have been “Going live with client work, free Twitch consulting and branding tips”. That’s to the point, specific and contains a ton of value to both my following and even value enough that they want their following to see it as well.

Why it works for a bigger streamer

So why does the “GOING LIVE” tweet work for bigger streamers? We can circle back to the value proposition. You have to understand that when a big streamer does a tweet like that it already contains a ton a value due to their larger following. They instantly see “GOING LIVE” as pure value to them, be it entertainment or education or anything else.

Keep in mind, however, that even if they do fill the question “Why should someone that’s in your following what you?”, due to the fact that their followers is so large. That doesn’t always equate to their following feeling as if there’s value enough for a retweet — do note that someone that might quote the tweet that is of course added value for their following but that’s far and between. What I can say is that they can for sure improve their spread if done right as well. But why wait? You can do it better than a big streamer right now.

Alright this is a shorter article since I actually forgot to write an article… There was a lot going on today… Like seriously it went from sadness to happiness and me staying right here. I might write about it here or in a newsletter, since it does pertain to Twitch in someway. 

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