Crowdfunding is more than money for your Twitch channel

By 29 December, 2016 3 Comments

Let me bring up this very interesting concept. When we hear crowdfunding we think Patreon, GameWisp and maybe Kickstarter to an extent. It’s a way to support and allow a streamer to keep doing what they love, raise money for equipment and branding and show support. Crowdfunding is more than money for your Twitch channel it’s a way to connect and build.

It’s more than money

You put together a plan where you give out things based on a list of things. Be it access, products, hangouts, being part of decisions and so on. This type of thing is common place on Twitch. Now there’s nothing wrong with doing in that way and there’s a lot of streamers that both do it right and do it well. This article isn’t about stopping that but re-think the approach and look at it from a marketing perspective.

To do crowdfunding you either need to be big or small. Crowdfunding can actually be a powerful marketing tool. It will also truly show you how engaged your audience actually are in your content. It will build a tight bond between you and your audience. Understand that you’re getting but you’re also constantly giving back… that’s at least if you do it right.

I often talk about engagement in likes, shares and so on. That’s trust. Crowdfunding is the ultimate trust. Where your target audience uses money to show the engagement. There’s a very clear responsibility from you there as well. Your audience are no longer just an audience. They’re part of the production. They’re part of the success of your Twitch channel.

Imagine this…

Imagine that you want to put on a certain show or create some things (Twitch Creative). You’re not only going to be spreading out the word about it but it will also be a test if the idea is good enough. We don’t even need to talk about money at this point. You can start by taking help your your community to get interest in it by having them submit ideas for show, products or anything else (unrelated to the crowdfunding tiers). Allow them to be a part of it before you even get started.

You’re now not only going to beta test your idea but you’re also collecting information on what people want. At the same time you’re not sitting back and waiting. You’re actually executing on your idea and getting it started. Getting started and seeing if there’s success or failure is the first step to actually growing your channel for real. You’ve also gotten your community involved and invested into your idea from the start.

The idea

What it all comes down to is how good your idea is. Sure you should have a funding goal in mind and a mission idea. However without a good idea it won’t go anywhere. No matter what, doing a pre-crowdfunding idea will allow you to refine that idea. You have to open to changes and modifications as you move forward. Your community might inspire you to drop the idea, change the idea or make you think about things you might have missed yourself.

You can even remove the funding part and go for only the idea part. This will allow you and your community to grow a tighter bond and evolve together. It won’t only give you great insight into your audience but it might even generate buzz around your idea and get it trending in different places.

The new year is almost here! I need to start writing my “predictions” for next year. I also need to get back with my team on the new SaaS product. I’m also in the middle to two other projects. At the same time we’re going to start spinning on the new RollPlay liveshow!

I hope you liked this little article on crowdfunding ideas. If you want more insight sign up to the newsletter and if you want to get professional Twitch branding for your Twitch channel check this out.



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