Context for social media for your Twitch channel

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I’ve talked rather broadly about social media in the past. This time I want to go a little deeper and get more specific. It’s not a guide (since that would be pretty stupid) and the reason is that there’s no one size fit all for this. It’s a strategy that’s based around you and not something someone can write a guide for. What can do and what I will do is a guide on how you can identify the right context and by that the right strategy for you.

Why do we need to look at the context for social media for your Twitch channel

Understanding the context for social media for your Twitch channel is what’s going to really going to allow you to maximize your reach on social media.  The context for all of these social media networks are different. It comes down to how people are using it and to even further it comes down to how your target audience is using it. There’s a large difference in the usage between someone that’s in their 50’s on Facebook and someone that’s in their 20’s. As well as there’s a difference between someone that’s technology savvy in their 50’s or someone that isn’t. What I’m getting at is that there’s — still — no perfect way to assume these things but rather you have to look at the  context for social media for your Twitch channel.

Here we’re going to take a look at the two most used by streamers.


Before we can start to look at how our target audience are using it we need to look at how people in general are consuming Twitter.

Twitter is a constant feed of information — quick, to the point and right now — it’s suited well for spreading news and information quickly. That’s why a lot of streamers have gravitated towards it as streamers since Twitch is live and right now.

The downside is that it’s only right now. There’s almost no way that someone that’s in a different timezone will be able to keep up to date with your feed unless the activity goes into it and scrolls through it. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that they’ll “just” scroll back a bit and see your content. People that follow maybe 2 people will do that but as soon as you start getting to 10 or for that matter 100 people that you follow that feed is less you and more everything else.

We need to look at how people are using Twitter and not only how other streamers are using but rather how the ones that are consuming it are using it. So to understand that context it’s all about that NOW and direct communication. That’s where Twitter will shine, and has done in the past. That’s why direct marketing or personal marketing is what’s the top thing on Twitter. People are able to comment, reply and have a open conversation with you. When we start to look at the other social media program you’re going to see that it’s not at the same level in those.

While all of this still means that you can and should keep your followers updated. You need to start to actually engage and encourage engagement with you. Twitter is a direct communication tool that has a feature where you can reach a lot of people at once. There’s for sure a point where that direct communication will be harder to keep up with but that dosen’t mean that you should automate it or outsource it.

This is all about direct engagment on all levels so what you need to do is figure out where your audience engages about. Often it’s as simple as extending your Twitch brand over into Twitch. Adding a bit of spice (that you probably already are doing on your stream) and you start to have something going. Remember that the same way that Twitter is a direct communication tool so is Twitch the main difference is of course that on Twitter it’s all text and limited to a set amount of characters.


This is by far the most visual social media in context for social media for your Twitch channel. This is one of the few social medias that people actually scroll back and look at old posts. Most of the time they even go further in liking and even check out your entire feed (if they think that there’s enough value to click on extra time).

Instagram has something right now and that’s attention. For a short period SnapChat had it (and still has some of it) but after a few adjustments by Instagram they’re back on top. Why is this important? It’s more likely than not that your future or current viewers are all on Instagram right now. The issue for a lot of streamers however is that their content on Instagram is extremely lacking. Be it that they’re “old school” and never actually understood what it was or that they never invested time in understanding it. Know that nugget of information will allow you to take that spot and that attention that is waiting there.

What it comes down to is how and why do people consume Instagram. Instagram is based all around the visual and there’s nothing more visual than a livestream with a camera. You already have the tools right there in front of you. It’s a matter of taking a few extra steps to lean into what matters to Instagram users.

Does it demand a bit of creativity? Of course it will. But we already know that you have some of it. Be it that you can create a image that pertains to your channel when you go live, be it a photo that strengthen the engagement between you and your viewers or sharing things related to who you are. What it — once again — come down to here is what target audience you’re trying to reach. What visual is someone in your target audience looking for?

The big upside with Instagram is that you can have videos up to a minute long. That’s a huge advantage for streamers that on a daily bases creates video content for their channels. Be it that you have a clip of something great or that you do a quick recording (either from your camera or mobile) right before you go live.

Instagram is used for that visual discovery. People actually watch the hashtags closely and gets recommendations based on what they consume — after all Instagram is owned by Facebook. Don’t hesitate to use hashtags or create content on Instagram. When a big streamer don’t (for whatever reason) only means that there’s an open door for you. Instagram is a leader in attention and you would be a fool not to at least try and grab some of it for your channel.

Great start to a new week! I have a live show this weekend and I have a after party as well (not for the live show). I streamed a little extra this weekend and we talked about some business stuff and some Twitch marketing stuff. That’s just something that always happens during my streams.

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