Can data be bad for your Twitch channel?

By 23 May, 2016 No Comments

Yes. There you go you can close down this page now and move on… or if you want to know the reason why you can keep reading. We often get told (from me as well) how good data can be and how you can use it to gauge what’s going on with your Twitch channel. It’s however not that simple data works in different ways depending on what you’re trying to do with your Twitch channel.

Let’s get it right data in itself isn’t bad. It’s bad when you apply it to the wrong stage of your growth. Data works great when you’re making short term decisions or when there’s short turn around on something. That’s why data is used when there’s short campings like billboards or where attention is instant and you’re going to move on to the next thing quickly.

However the big downside to it all is when you start to look at the long term, longer campaigns or you Twitch channel. You’re channel, hopefully, isn’t a short term decision and with applying these marketing ideas around commercials etc. can end up being dangerous. When ever you’re out to build something over time and a Twitch channel very much is that, those numbers won’t have any meaning until a long time down the line.

This confusion over data is what makes some throw out how important data is without caution and it’s the reason why we all tell you not to look at certain numbers. Those numbers that you shouldn’t look at is the numbers that only reflect the instant and the short. You’re not going in to get a 1000 views for you Twitch channel you’re going to build up to 1000 concurrent viewers.

The truth is, I’d rather have three people see my content and buy my stuff, than a hundred people see it and only one person buy it. – Gary Veynerchuck

Because when you’re chasing that sort of change, data is the cudgel your enemies will use to push you to conform. – Seth Godin

There you have it, from the most quoted people on this blog, and it’s 100% true. If all you’re focusing on is that short-term bump you’re quickly going to end up like every other channel. If you follow data that only shows the most common ideas and it’s never going to break the mold. You should always come before the data and the data should only be used when you understand what it means.

Hey! I know this is a short article but I’ve been away this entire weekend and this is a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. It might not be what everyone else is talking about at the moment but that also shows you that I’m not here to conform to what everyone else is thinking or doing. I’m here to figure out how to break the mold and build my own way. That’s what I hope you can start doing as well after reading articles from this blog!




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