Building your brand before Twitch

By 16 February, 2017 One Comment

One of the things that came up during a recent Twitch stream of mine was the topic of not being able to start streaming yet. Be it that they don’t have the right computer or the right internet speed or time, or other things that are actually needed to get started with streaming. Instead they wait… and wait… and wait. But what are they really waiting for? The truth is that you can start building your brand before Twitch, and before you even click that start streaming button in OBS or whatever program you might be using.

What about if you already started streaming?

Before you think that this isn’t for you at least read this paragraph. Understand that everything that you do on social media, your blog or website is will all be part of your brand. Even if you think that it’s not — everyone else will. Your personal brand is what you do and the things that you make public online.

That means that you can do a lot of things for your brand outside of Twitch as well. All of that will aid you in building your brand. So it’s clear that you can actually use your social media to actually grow your stream more than you think. Step one for that is of course to understand what your brand is and then shape your social media content around that and do it with the context of each social media platform.

You could even build a stronger brand outside of Twitch than you then can translate that over to Twitch. Greatcontent is great content no matter where you post it.

Why it’s good to be  building your brand before Twitch

You don’t need a good computer or high speed internet or camera or for that matter even a microphone to start building your brand. Sure you’re going to need time to execute but there’s a lot less to stop you.

Building a personal brand is the core of almost every large Twitch stream at the moment. The thing is that you don’t need Twitch to actually build a personal brand. There’s plenty of people that are building their brand on Instagram, SnapChat, or any other social media platform that’s currently trending.

The reason why I got around 20-25 viewers first and second Twitch stream that I did. Not that it’s a big number or anything but compared to what other might do it’s 20 times more. That dosen’t come from  people randomly coming into my channel. It’s because I’ve already built a brand around it and now (that I have fiber internet) can cash in to get attention.

You can also do it!

If you think that you can’t do it you’re probably wrong. If you think that you NEED Twitch to be able to do it… you’re probably wrong. If you’re sitting there right now and waiting for the right time you’re missing the execution. If you start building a brand today, outside of Twitch, be it that you’re already streaming or not, you’re going to end up with a lot of experience and knowledge for your present/future stream.

More reading

I want to direct you to an article written by BaconDonut. If you’re a long time reader of this blog you can see that there’s a lot of things that I’ve been talking about for the past two years.

There we go! I hope you’ve tuned into my streams or that you do it in the future. It’s not all me sitting there doing design. We end up talking a lot about viewers channels, channel critique, design help, marketing help and viewer promotion. Honestly the whole channel is about helping you grow your channel.

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