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Dynamic Twitch overlay in-game slide (Video)

By 8 December, 2016 No Comments

Finally this week we have a follow up to earlier this week. Last time we did a long one that went over how to create an information slider. This time we’re going to extend that idea into creating a social media bar rotator. You can put whatever you want in one of these but in this case we’re creating a dynamic Twitch overlay in-game slide.

This time we’re not even touching Photoshop. Instead we’re going right into creating it all in webflow. I wanted to show that it’s more than possible to create something without Photoshop.

Let’s start creating a dynamic Twitch overlay in-game slide

As you can see even if we don’t have Photoshop installed we can still be creative in webflow. While it does take a bit of mind power and creativity to do it in something like webflow it’s possible.

Do I wish there were a better program than webflow specifically for livestreaming? Of course. Is it something that I’m working on? Maybe. The newsletter will detail that more in the future.

There’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes at the moment. The power of a brand the it’s marketing will show in the very near future. Hopefully a lot of streamers will take note and see that they can use the same techniques without having to do shady things. And really without any real effort if done right and done for the right audience.

I’m working all weekend! Probably working on some cool dynamic stuff and I’ll for sure show a case study next week. Going to be fun to get back to writing. I’m also going to finally finish that book I’ve been working on. Release before christmas?

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