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What social media platform to use for Twitch streamers?

By 24 March, 2016 No Comments
What social media platform to use for Twitch streamers?

One of those things that’s told to every Twitch streamer is that they need to be on social media. They need to use it to spam out an ad about them going live (wtf???) and they’re told that they need to use it to network. Let’s first of all dispel that none of that is true at the core of any social media. You’re not the to spam and you’re no there to only network. You should be there to provide value to those that want to know more about you. Sure you can network and tell people when you go live BUT if that’s all you do then you’re going to have a bad time on social media. So what social media platform to use for Twitch streamers?

Social media is all about engagement and content. Have you heard that content is king? Well context is god in that scenario. You need to re-think your approach not as a ad machine or networking but rather as content and relationship marketing. At the end of the day both you (as a Twitch streamer) is a content creator and you social media is an extension of that. It’s not something that’s tacked on like a badly developed story mode on a otherwise multiplayer focused game.

Consistency and you

So let’s get started. Have you heard someone say that you have to be consistent on Twitch? They’re 100% correct. Did you know that the same mentality goes for social media? Now you do. It’s really that simple but that’s also only the first step.

What is that you have to consistent about? You. It’s always going to start with you. I won’t care unless you know who you are and what is that you do. I won’t care unless I know what I’ll get out of it as viewer. This isn’t an “about me” section in your Twitch panels. This is every single broadcast, tweet, comment, post, image etc. that is you. If that’s all over the place it’s going to end up being a mess. Give me the clear message with your brand and your visual brand from the start.

Ask yourself: What’s your overall goal? What’s your north star?

The platform

One thing that’s 9 out of 10 times isn’t even discussed on any site or subreddit (I’m looking at you r/twitch) is the fact that you A)  don’t need to be on every social media platform and B) respect each platform.

Let’s start with A. I get so many e-mails and I check so many different social media outlets and about 90-99% of those have no clue what they’re supposed to do on Twitter alone. They add Instagram, Facebook and YouTube on top of that, and really only since they’ve seen that other have that as well. If you’re not a natural at social media. Pick one that fits you and your audience and figure that out.

You don’t need to be on every social media platform

That brings me to B. Each social media has a different way of communication and what people do on that platform. What someone does on Facebook is vastly different from what they do on Instagram, and I’m not talking about you but the ones you want to reach.

In this equation you’re actually the third person in line. You have to put the platform and the audience before yourself. The platform and audience will ignore you if all you want to do is push your agenda.

Picking the right one

Again when it comes down to “what social media platform to use for Twitch streamers?” it’s all up to you. I’m sorry that there’s no clear answer like “use Twitter”. Every social media have a different audience, different experience and different mindset. You need to look at yourself, your content and what target audience you want to reach.

I also want to stretch that you don’t need to be on every platform. If you can’t execute on Instagram today, then don’t! Save that for a later date when you understand what you can do and what Instagram can do for you.


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