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The Value in Access for a Twitch Channel

By 23 June, 2017 No Comments

Today I wanted to talk about the value in accessibility for a Twitch channel and what that can mean for your channel. When we’re talking about value that viewers can get from you one of the most interesting things are accessibility.

Access means additional access to you. This is something that often is overlooked both from small and big streamers. I often talk about scalability for a Twitch channel. That there are certain things that you can do while you’re small but those will be a lot harder as you try to scale that up to a larger audience. Accessibility value does scale with that. As you grow that accessibility will grow in value for those that want it.

How to Use Access

Access can be used in different ways depending on who you are, your goals and the size of your channel. It can be as simple as granting your viewers to chat with you on Discord, to offering up Google Hangouts with them, to giving peaks behind the scenes of your life/streaming.

When we’re talking about variety streaming it’s not that much about “people that like to watch different games”. It more so comes down to who the streamers is, the streamers personality and the value in that streamer to them. That’s why people invest time into a variety streamer. It’s then easy to draw lines between the interest in a person (the streamer) and gaining access.

I could for sure go in and give you several different ways to use access. Instead I’m going to go give you two different scenarios that you might run into. One will be how to use it go gain an audience and foster growth and the other will be on monetization. 


A very important thing to understand here is that even engagment and interaction between you an your audience is access. Meaning that talking with your chat and engaging in conversation on social media (actually responding to people) can give you a lot of growth. This however can go way beyond only that.

You could for instance use the access to you to drive engagment even further. This means that you allow them to influence content that you produce outside of your channel. It can mean that you can have call-ins to not only create connection but also to create content for highlights, uploads and clips.

Keep in mind that this can be as simple as using Instagram and Twitter with their proper context. Or sharing interests (music, food etc) with your viewers and to further build that relationship. That’s why it’s such a strong part of relationship marketing and that in turn is why it does help with growth.

I would argue that access will grant you a stronger growth than blast marketing. This simply by allowing your viewers to gain access to you and get more invested in who you are on Twitch. It’s always of course up to you to set where the line is drawn between your life and streaming life.


As I mentioned access has value and that value grows as your following grows. It’s also necessary to add that your time as you grow also becomes more valuable.

This plays into the whole scalability thing, since as your time is more valuable it’s going to be harder to make time for something that might not be worth it. However that also means that your access will have a higher value to other people as well.

We can then start to take this towards a Patreon or GameWisp direction. More often than not Patreon and GameWisp setups tend to be more so about putting pure extra content behind a paywall. While that is a pretty decent way to create an additional revenue stream it’s not content that have an reach beyond that.

Instead early access, behind the scenes, Google hangouts, and so on leans towards access. This is where you can take one part of the content and transform it into content that you then can use to market yourself in other ways as well. For instance all of the above could  be made available at a later date.

Monetize might be a scary thing do to in a space like Twitch. That’s why not completely locking things behind a paywall isn’t always the best idea. When that happens you can for sure see a upswing in revenue. However what you might be able to see is a upswing in growth. Here the growth and monetization works in tandem to get you best possible outcome.




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