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Understanding Twitch branding and marketing from Aristoteles

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A lot of times we think that marketing is something brand new and something that we started thinking about yesterday. The fact is that we can go all the way back to Aristoteles and look at the rhetoric formula for convincing someone in a debate.

Now I know we’re not debating anyone with out streams but we are trying to convince someone that our stream is the best and is what’s going to give the most to that particular viewer.  We can take the fundamental ideas behind Aristoteles persuasion ideas and apply them carefully to our own stream.

This might be a bit out there but it made sense to me when I compared it all. The reason why I wrote this article was due to a text I got from a friend last night. It was this quote:

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. — Marilyn vos Savant

Logos, reasoning and logic

We can plead to peoples logic and reasoning with compelling arguments. Now that might sound a bit difficult to define in a stream and it is and it took me awhile to really see what it meant. Stick with my reasoning (see what I did there?) and I’ll give you an outline how you can use it.

One part of it that we overlook the mere fact that our brand for our Twitch channel can speak to someones logic and reasoning. For instance when you have a channel that is not directed towards me it will speak to my logic and reasoning from even looking at the proposal, the visual brand and the energy in the stream. If that don’t speak to me I’ll leave with a bad taste. If I can see from the brand what it’s suppose to be I’ll gladly accept that it’s not for me and leave.

When you can’t speak with your brand to the person that visits your channel on the spot you’re going to miss more shots. The simple reason is because no one wants to spend time on something that might be for them. If they do you don’t want that to be wasted time that’s going to be a bad time for them. You want those that are most likely to like what you do and not everyone. You can find that by using logic and reasoning for your brand.

What we’re looking for is the “Oh, that makes sense” response. If you can’t get that from looking at your channel at first glance then something isn’t quite right.

Ethos, trustworthiness and credibility

For anyone to give you their time, and to an extent money, you’re going to need to have trust and credibility.

When it comes to Twitch that means that if you’re going to have a “skill stream” with high level of gameplay… well you better be a top player. Otherwise you’re argument that it’s skill based will have a lesser effect. You can still provide value without having to be top tier in a game with analytic and entertainment but if you tell people that it’s all in your gameplay and don’t deliver on that you hold no credibility and gain no trust.

We can extend this to being authentic and being yourself. If you isn’t you, combined with whatever mix you’re doing with gaming (be it photography/gaming, beauty/gaming, stand-up/gaming or any other combination) and then can’t actually do any of that you’re again going to have a bad time.

You can easily circumvent that by being even more authentic and saying that you’re learning and let that be a part of your stream. Remember that education and entertainment can both be journey. Education don’t mean that you’re the teacher all the time but that you’re learning together with your audience as well. Don’t wait until you’re “good enough” but instead do now, learn now and teach now.

Pathos, emotions

Emotions is one of those extremely powerful things that we use constantly with out audiences. This is how you make a strong connection between you and your audience. This is your story, what it’s been up until this point, what is going to be and the journey you’re going to take with your audience.

Interestingly  enough it’s also how you use language and your body language. We all know about the crossed arms showing that you’re defensive and if you speak in certain way you’re going come across a certain way. That doesn’t mean that you should change in hopes that you’re going to appeal a bigger audience. However it’s something that you might want to look at to understand who you are and how you come across (it might help you understand what direction to take your branding as well).

At the end of the day

It’s worth taking your time to read and look at things in different places and get different views. I can tell you that I’ll be looking at a ton of different books and do some recommendations in future posts. I already started with recommending books in the newsletter so that’s a head start for the subscribers there 😀



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