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Twitter Analytics for Twitch broadcasters

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Twitter Analytics for Twitch broadcasters

For those that don’t know I’m writing a book on Twitch branding and marketing, it’s this blog rewritten, added details, more in-depth and put in order so it’s all easier to find. This morning I was going over how to and where to market it and stumbled across Twitter Analytic. A tool I had overlooked since it’s mostly for when you want to run ads on Twitter. However since we don’t get the best analytic tools for our Twitch channels and most Twitch broadcasters don’t have websites to pull analytics from.

I’m well aware of sites like StreamHatchet, Twinge and Lootillity that have popped over the last year. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use them and I’m not saying that you can’t use Twitch native tools. This isn’t about measuring your Twitch statistics but rather your Twitter statistics. Twitch broadcasters are very prolific users of Twitter so the very next best thing is to keep a close eye on your Twitter analytic.

28 day summary.

This is your bread and butter. You get a great picture over where you stand for the last 28 days and if you’ve gotten more out of your Twitter activity.


Twitter Analytics for Twitch broadcastersThis might sounds as something unimportant but it’s around this everything else is based. If you have 100.000 Tweets in 28 days meanwhile it’s not reflected in the rest of your statistics you’re doing something wrong with your micro content.

Let’s say you’ve increased your Tweet amount from a month back then you know that in large parts what you’re doing right now is working. Exactly what and why it’s working we’ll take a look at a bit further down but this is an important number to remember for Twitter Analytics for Twitch broadcasters.

Tweet impressions

Simply this is the amount of ways people have been able to interact with your Twitter content. It means that there’s been eyes scrolling by it at some point not only your feed but anywhere it might have happened to end up. That includes everything from retweets, likes, mentions and replies. Tweets and Tweet impressions are closely linked together for obvious reasons. I want to look at this number as a way to gauge what reach we have at the moment within the Twitter network. A better number is the engagement but that’s kind of hidden away under the Tweets tab (if you go down, in this post, to Month By Month and you can get a better idea of that).

Profile visits

For many Twitch broadcasters this is the place where you link your Twitch channel or YouTube channel. That’s why this number can kind of give you a look into how many are interested in going to your channel or find out more about your other social mediums.

It’s not a garuentee that they’ll go to your channel from that and you also have to take other stats like Tweets linking to you from other peoples Tweets. You’ll also get link clicks from when you post your channel as a link or if someone else shares it. In general this isn’t the most important statistic but it can tell you how interested some might be to find out more about you.


Twitter Analytics for Twitch broadcastersThis speaks a lot to your engagement with your audience, networking marketing and (super important) relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is SLOW but it’s going to give you the most value over time. I practice both relationship marketing and content marketing at high level building towards expanding and selling. Rather than focusing on donations I’m focusing on building and audience. For me that’s more important than anything else.

Mentions are in general a great way to see that your marketing is working both on Twitter and outside of it.


This is a very simple number and straight forward number to understand. What might not be as easy to understand is that these are the ones from your Twitch that are your most primed to engage with you. Your job is to allow them to do that to involve them in your content.

That can come in many forms but most common is through your opinions and views. That means more then only posting a link or a image but rather adding value to those type of things. Simply put your “going live” isn’t going to be the most effective way to engage anyone. Post it if you want but that’s not going engage your audience and it’s not going to convert them into even more dedicated and further down into ambassadors for your content.

Month by Month

Top Tweet

duckThis can in some cases give you very good insight into what works and what doesn’t. When I look outside of my posts that get’s retweeted big big followings it’s actually the more technical posts that works the best.

For even further information you go to the Tweets tab (at the top of the page). Here you can arrange your Tweets after the ones with most impressions, sadly not by engagements. You can however see the engagement break down in the right column.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the engagement rate, the higher this is the better content you’re probably creating. The percentage take your impressions and divide them with your engagements. These engagements are a lot more important then your impressions. It’s whenever someone interacts in anyway with your Tweet, clicking a link, image, expanding tweet, follows, retweets etc. really anything have to do with more then just looking at it.

That’s the way you convert someone to your Twitch content and it’s the way you allow people to get started with talking to you in your Tweets. When you think about Twitter I want you to think about engagement, that’s what social media is all about. You’re already doing it in your Twitch channel the point here is to do it outside of your channel as well. Bigger streamers can’t engage with every @reply or @mention but you can and you should. That’s the benefit of being small so USE IT!

Top mention

When you want to understand your networking marketing (to an extent your networking skills as well) and relationship marketing this is the place you look at. What it will tell you is what and who mentions you, it’s perfect to understand how other perceive you, it’s all about how you’ve built your relationship and that they then on their own feel comfortable enough to mention you in different situations. While it’s not black and white, it’s can aid you in finding who’s becoming an ambassador for you and in what situation you’re being brought up.

Twitter isn’t the only place where you can look at this but it’s easier to see when you have the data in front of you. For instance my name and portfolio sometimes gets a mention on Reddit and other places, that’s reflected in my Google Analytics, and that’s also based around relationship marketing. I give free content and I don’t ask for donation but rather if you ever feel as if you want to repay me either A) hire me or B) mention me, both ways further extends my reach and in the end generates an audience and that in turn generates revenue. That’s how I look at the long goal instead of the quick return, I don’t want to only be around for a year and instead I want to build a sustainable future, both for me and you.

Top media Tweet

I love this feature! We as people are visual and the most liked and retweeted Tweets do often come with a image, gallery, Twitter card, gif, video etc. So being able to see what media content that you Tweet get to your following and spreads outside of your following this is the place to keep an eye on.

You can even look at specific types of cards (most media gets posted in Cards) get’s the most recognition from your following. You can really dig into this statistic BUT you can only do it if you actually posts media and actually get Cards going. If all you do are text posts then you’re kind of missing out on a lot of possible engagement. As a side not please stop posting Instagram link to Twitter, Facebook owns Instagram not Twitter and Twitter wants you to use their uploading and not Instagram. There’s better ways to get your Twitter following over to Instagram then posting a text link.

Final thoughts

There’s a bunch of data out there and when you’re in the Matrix you’ll start to be able to see it on a different level. However this takes time to understand and to compare all of the data points. You can use only Twitch statistics or Twinge, StreamHatchet or Lootility but unless you start to compare the different data points and looking at it all as a whole you’re not going to be able to really see what’s going on outside of your chat (oh and Emoticon statistics are also really good if you’re a partnered streamer).

Do you need of this? In reality no. You don’t need to do any of it but it give you a better insight and that insight can lead to you understanding “the flow” faster and better. However this “flow” isn’t only in the data it’s also inside of you. Trust yourself and trust your instincts as a Twitch broadcasters, a lot of broadcasters tend to stare themselves almost blind on what others are doing and forget that the stream that you produce is your and theirs. You might share audiences in some cases but they don’t come to you because you are exactly like someone they already follow since they already have someone that fills that need.

Oh this ended up being a long article again. I need to chill a bit, this is getting crazy. Good start to the year and things are starting up in my city again so I’m going to go out to tech events, meet-ups and grab a free beer where ever I can. Talk about Twitch a bunch and get people interested in what I do. Remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about Twitch as what you want to do, it will make you standout and that’s what you want when you’re out there networking. Sure it might be the same type of networking that Twitch broadcasters do but I have fun doing it… and I don’t say no to a free beer.

Follow me and my crazy Twitch antics in my city on my Twitter @visiblespeech

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend! See you on Sunday for a motivation post on Twitter and on Monday for the next article! Oh and in r/Twitch Discord channel you can reach me @visiblespeech (Daniel) there so just ping me and I’ll talk all day long.




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