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Twitter algorithm and why it is great for Twitch broadcasters

By 8 February, 2016 No Comments
Twitter algorithm and why it is great for Twitch broadcasters

I’ve seen a lot of people talking badly about the Twitter algorithm and that it’s now as dead as Facebook. First when did Facebook die? Facebook is dead to those that try to market the wrong way and the same is going to happen on Twitter… and that’s great! I don’t have to see anymore shitty Tweets and the same goes for the rest of Twitter that now don’t have to see shitty unrelevant Tweets. Therefore I want to show you about the Twitter algorithm and why it is great for Twitch broadcasters.

Edit: It’s come to my attention that this change might not happen anymore, at least not right away. This is still a valid discussion and if the change ever happens it’s going to be Twitters version of a algorithm and not Facebook’s. They use different languages, as I’ve explained before, so don’t worry about Twitter becoming exactly like Facebook.

If you do it right you don’t have to worry

I do understand why some are upset that they can’t spam their “going live” or bad micro content. They’re not wrong they can’t do shitty marketing anymore, but why is someone that isn’t doing that upset? You should be extremely happy if you’re using Twitter the right way and understand your target audience. The people that are upset either don’t understand what a algorithm is/how it works or never understood that pushing out a Tweet can have a negative effect compared to pushing the engagement.

Let’s start with the algorithm and why it’s  not a bad thing

We don’t know much about what algorithm Twitter would use and exactly what it would look at. It’s not as easy as to say Facebook does it this way so therefore Twitter must do it the same. Reddit, Twitch, Google all have algorithms to give you the most relevant topic, result och channel to you. They all have different ones and they all present that information in different ways.

But let’s speculate a little bit by looking at the history and the present state of Twitter. Twitter have changed a lot over since it opened it’s doors from re-tweeting being adding RT in front of a copy pasted text, to native image post and all the way to video and even livevideo. However the one thing Twitter have been struggling with, that for instance Facebook or Instagram don’t  have, is engagement. That’s what Twitter wants to change and looking at their stocks at the moment they need to do something to try and fix that. That’s why we’re seeing a algorithm, that’s why we might get more characters and that’s why they’re trying new things.

What does that mean for the algorithm? They want the content that’s going to be the most engaged or have the most potential to be engaging. Facebook does this very well by presenting things to users that they most likely will like, comment or share. Does that mean that most Twitter guides on r/twitch will be even worse then they are right now? Yes. They’re bad since they never ever have mentioned anything about engagement and probably never will since they’re myopic and badly researched. Engagement is key for your growth NOT the amount of spam/ad you can output, that’s only going to diminish your brand.

Your content will have to change, probably, maybe, yes, no.

If you’re pushing for engagement in all of your tweets you shouldn’t be worried about anything at all. Instead you should be happy about this change because your’re probably going to see even more engagement on your Tweets, you no longer have to worry about the when you post something since it will placed in front of them at the right time (if the algorithm works).

Why would it help you? Take someone that follows you on Twitter to get updates and they’re in Europe and you’re in the USA, or the other way around. Add the fact that they might follow hundreds and in some cases thousands of people. At that point your content would never be seen by anyone but the ones that are there at that very moment. You have to start to understand that you content is rarely seen by anyone and on top of that you’re content isn’t engaging so there’s no reason for anyone to engage. Now however you’re going to have to create content that have the prospect of being engaging, and that’s good. You’ll also not be a slave to time zones but rather how well you have created content that people actually want.

You have to understand that you’re not reaching as many as you think you’re reaching right now and that’s why I’m looking forward to an algorithm. You’re Twitter statistics are going to be more important then ever before. What actually works on Twitter did change it’s only the ones that never used it the right way that are going to fall off the map. Here’s a video from 2011, yes 2011. That’s how long a lot of us have been waiting for a proper algorithm for twitter. This video will show you the biased and myopic view that a lot of complainers/haters on the change has right now and why they’re wrong.

Stop hosting other channels (for the moment)!

Wanted to put that headline to grab your attention but also to give you a public announcement. You need to start paying more attention to your Twitch about page/landing page and the way they’re commonly organized at the moment is a bad that’s number one. Number to is that you stop hosting other channels until Twitch fixes the core issue with it, and this is on Twitch not on Twitter. When you go to a channel that is hosting someone else their channel will pop-up and if people come from Twitter that’s what they’re going to see, THAT’S BAD. They can click the link to go to your profile right? Yes they can, but that takes them to a saturated black and white version of your page, THAT’S BAD.

Until Twitch fixes that issue you can host after you go offline but you should turn it off as soon as possible to not create any confusion to those that get the message about your stream at a later time.



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