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Time and it’s meaning to your Twitch channel

By 13 July, 2017 No Comments

I know, you know, and Twitch knows that there’s a unique community surrounding every channel — big or small. This isn’t a random collection of people, for the most part, they’ve come to your channel to experience you creating content for them, specifically, that they like.

They come back on the premise that there will be more. In that they support on the premise that there hopefully will be more or as a thanks for creating the content that you create. The basic principle is this: You give them entertainment in turn for attention and time.

What does it mean?

Time is the most valuable thing in today’s society. If you take one second and look at marketing you’ll notice that a lot of it based on saving time for you. Twitch lives on the opposite of that spectrum. Where does Twitch, and more specifically your channel, fit in on that spectrum? You’ll more likely find it on the other side of the equation.

You can neither fast forward or rewind a stream — unless it’s a VOD, and even that might diminish with VODcasting — it’s at that moment and it’s during a finite time. In other words it has a starting point and an end point.

Time is the currency

The currency is still time, however you’re not selling the opportunity to save time. You’re peddling entertainment, education, skill, etc. in exchange for your community’s time. While it’s not something that a lot of streamers think about it’s there no matter if or if not you think about it. Nonetheless it’s an important aspect of a stream and something that’s worth taking a look at.

If people are already in your Twitch chat, your Discord, in your Twitter feed, Instagram feed, and so on. Then they have seen the value in your content being high enough that they decided to spend more time with you. They have, in their own way, deciphered who and what you’re about.

How did they come to this conclusion? You allowed them to — and that’s a good thing, or in some cases a bad thing. It comes down to your Twitch branding. They decided to spend time on your channel. During that time the experienced one thing you, and that’s really all. No matter what Twitch branding, no matter what games or what personality it all boils down to you being in the middle of it all. Everything acts as a funnel and a shortcut for time. The faster your viewer can get to you the better. That’s why content, personality and visual brand help you with time.

You got it!

Congratulations! With Twitch branding and the right funnels you are now saving your viewers time. Not in the same sense as in that they’re buying a service that will save time. Instead you’re saving them time by shortening the gap between first viewing and them deciphering who you are. The faster you can make that happen the better for them (since you’re saving them time) and the better for you (your following will grow faster).

How does this time thing fit into the community narrative? Right before this paragraph I wrote that your following will grow faster by the viewer saving time. Not only does that mean that they are quicker to press that follow button, subscribe button or more likely to stick around. They’re also extremely more likely to recommend it to someone else.

Time to get growth

Recommendation of a stream comes down to two things understanding and giving. Your community won’t recommend something they don’t fully understand. Even if they did then the person that they recommend it to will have a higher chance of not staying. For a recommendation to be effect the viewer has to understand what type of stream it is and how to describe it. If all the recommendation comes down to is “the stream is funny” really dosen’t say anything about the stream. Not the type of comedy, type of entertainment, or type of personality. There is a disconnect somewhere in your Twitch branding.

The other part is the giving. That does link back to understanding but still and important aspect. To properly understand a viewer when they recommend your stream is to understand that they’re giving value to someone else. They have found your stream, enjoyed it, and hopefully understood it well enough, that now means the chance is higher that they’ll recommend it to someone that might like it.

Why? Because they want to give their friend a great place to spend their valuable time. But for that to be effective they need to understand your content and then see how that would benefit in value to their friend.

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