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Thoughts on Twitch panels content

By 26 January, 2016 No Comments
Thoughts on Twitch panels content

I’ve been thinking a bit about the content (not visual) we put into Twitch panels. Previously I’ve written about the amount of text in panels and I wanted to put these ideas out there as well. What I want is you to start to think about what would work for your Twitch panels and look at it from a different perspective. It’s not about trying to copy others panels content but rather be bold and make it into something that makes sense for you and your community.

You’re the on driving the car and you’re the one that will make people stay but often it’s the community is what makes us stay even longer and allows us to engage on a even deeper level. We want to educate and get the viewers excited about being apart of your Twitch community.

Are you ready to create better panels?

Going to go from the very first panel the the very last panel. Now we know that Twitch panels tend to go a bit all over the place depending on what resolution the visitor is viewing it in. Therefor you shouldn’t worry all too much about it but I’m going to rank these from most important and down the line for the simple reason of importance.

First catch the eye

The very first thing that I think every panel section is missing is a headline. Headlines is what pulls us in to the content more so then you probably have realized, and if you’ve realized it then let’s put it into action.

Simply put it’s the core value of your Twitch channel and what the person reading is going to get from being apart of your community. Therefore this isn’t a statement about you but rather a way for the viewer to get a understanding of why they’ve come to your channel and why they should stay. You might think “they know why they’re here” actually they probably don’t know why they’re there. It can be that the got there from a link, from a host, from a recommendation or since they like the game. None of those things will allow them to understand why they should stay. Your job is to convince them to stay, trust and eventually engage with you and your community.

We have our headline ready now or an image if that works better for you. Whatever you choose now is the time to under that panel explain it further. There’s no need for an essay or anything like that but expanding on why this is the place to be. This type of message isn’t uncommon but it’s often under the panel community and it’s never the first thing you see. In this case we’re placing it under a headline that draws someone in, I’ve never heard someone being drawn in by a 100% “About Me”. This is more about them, the person that is currently on your channel and trying to see if this is right for them. So why not have to be about why they should be there instead of about you?

Social proof

I don’t think this is ever talked about and don’t want you to start putting the word “Social Proof” in your panels. You can put what ever fits the  best what I want to make clear is that it’s things said in your community. Either about you, your community or anything else that might be relevant.

The quote bot isn’t uncommon at all but it’s all about you the streamer and seldom is it about the community. Again we say that the community is the key component yet  many focus only on ourselves. It’s possible to do both but I would imagine when you actually want people to be a part of your community highlighting said community will not only allow people to see what they can be apart of but also give social proof that you’re doing something interesting.

About you

Here we go now we get to talk about you. Who you are and why people should follow you, what type of games you play, what type of content you make, what type of Twitch broadcaster you are and your background.

We’ve all seen “About Me” panels before but for those that are still not 100% sure what you can write be upfront about things. This is where you can are authentic about yourself (not transparent) and where the person reading get’s a feel for who you are and how that relates to them. Don’t be afraid that someone might not like you, that happens and that’s life, and it’s impossible to reach everyone. Instead focus on the people that you want to reach, your target audience.

Video, video, video

There’s this one thing that YouTube does really well is to actually show a video when you go to a channel you don’t subscribe to. I know that Twitch has the possibility to showcase video highlights but at that’s probably not the first place a new viewer goes, and since we already have the attention here why not use that space to give them a video.

This is a great way to give the viewer some insight into who you are and what type of content they might get. Don’t make it the same as your written text in the “About Me” section but instead allow yourself to be creative. Cut together a highlight reel, let your community shine again, record something personal for the one watching etc. There’s an endless ways to give the one watching a better idea of what you channel is about.

Social media

Probably the most used Twitch panels you can find on Twitch. There’s almost no streamer that don’t have a panel that’s either a image link or under it there’s text links. Personally I like the single panel without any text, it becomes a lot more relevant and looks better.

The only issue with that is that there’s no reason to follow you on Twitter. Twitch notification system is getting better both for e-mail and mobile, so there really is no reason to follow you on Twitter to get updates when you go live. The fact is that all it does is fills up their Twitter stream with spam with “going live now” messages. This isn’t a must to write it out but keep in mind that if all you’re going to do on Twitter is tell them when you’re going live you’re not using Twitter the right way.

I can say the same about any other social media platforms from Instagram, Facebook and all the way to SnapChat. If there’s no reason but to get spam from you then there’s really no reason to be engaged with you there. Me as a viewer get nothing out it and that’s not something that you can to have happen. It will only lead to a false sense of a bigger following. Your following isn’t measured by a number but by the amount of engagement and that’s why Twitch don’t care about your total views but about your concurrent viewership.

Call to action

New this isn’t a panel of any sort but rather a concept that I want you to keep in mind. You might already be using something like this so this shouldn’t sound too foreign to you.

What a call to action is exactly what it sounds like. You’re making sure people do something. Be it to follow your Twitch channel, follow you on Twitter, go to your website or buy the latest merchandise, that’s the a call to action. You can use this both in your Twtich panels, end of your stream, on Twitter and really anywhere where you want people to take action.

You’ve already given them the reason to do it, so why not ask? If you don’t ask them to do it then they’re never going to do it.



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