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Networking TwitchCon 2017

By 5 October, 2017 No Comments

There’s a lot of attention Twitch and Twitch streamers at the moment. In a few weeks people from all over the world are coming to TwitchCon. Everyone from fans, affiliate, partners, game devs, and advertisers. It’s going to be a few days of Twitchness for a lot of people. For the next few weeks I’ll be digging into a few topics to get you prepped and ready for your journey to TwitchCon 2017.

For the first batch let’s talk about marketing and networking. I’ve been to TwichCon for the past two years with wildly different perspectives. First year as a vistior and second year as a speaker. I’ve outlined my experiences in the past but for this one let’s sharpen the narrative and get straight to the point.


Networking is easy. It’s talking. That’s really all it is. If you’ve done your marketing right you don’t even need to network since people will want to network with you. Still even if that’s not the case you’re not the only one there to network so don’t think just do.

With that said going to TwitchCon as a visitor it’s not easy to do networking since a lot of people that go there are fans. Networking with a fan, while fun, might not be the aim of your networking endeavours. My second year I was there as a speaker and got access to the partnered area. That’s a different game all together. While everyone isn’t there to network you can be sure that everyone there is there for a reason. I talked to companies, researchers, partnered streamers, Twitch employees and so on while there.

This year it might be even better. While this is my assumption I’m pretty sure there will be a partner area once again. That’s great! But what if you’re not a partner? Well there’s the affiliate badge this year. My hopes is that there’s an area for affiliates or some sort of mixer for affiliates. Or at the very least that it’s a different looking badge from the regular day pass.

A lot of times people tend to think about networking as a 50/50 split. You get something and I get the same thing it’s all great. It’s not all great. If we look at this at a scale that will never tip in anyone’s favor. Why is that favor important? Well you don’t want them to come back to you with your offer. And if that offer is “just” a 50/50 split then there’s less reason for that.

If you instead give up or give them more of the cake (this dosen’t have to be monetary, I’m actually expecting any of this to be monetary) they’ll be a lot more inclined to agree. If they can see that it will greatly give them or their community something it’s a far better offer. At times that might even mean that you don’t get anything out of it right now and that’s fine.

Sure at times (don’t dosen’t have to be) there’s a overlap between what they get and what you get out of it. However if you go in with the idea of them getting something out of it before what you’re getting out of it you’re greatly increasing your chances. Then if there’s a overlap after that then that’s great but if you start on what will help you then it will come off as selfish.

As a final note. Even if you don’t get what you wanted from your networking or a lot of things fell through. That’s fine at least you’re doing something. You can ready how many articles you want and follow how many people you want but at the end of the day learning from how you perform during those moments only comes from you doing it. When you’ve started you have a chance to make your networking better. Keeping in mind that waiting for perfect means that you’re not starting at all.

Business cards

If you’re there to network don’t throw up the business card the first chance you get. That’s never going to get you anything. It will most likely end the conversation and that might a good use for the business card. Truth be told I’ve used that technique in the past. Someone talks to me and I want to end it… I give them my business card and say something like “I gotta go but here’s my card”, and then conversation is over.

But if you’re looking to actually have a conversation? Then the business card worth as much as the paper it’s printed on. It will also end up where most cheap paper goes and that’s the trash bin. Sorry, but it’s true. I’ve seen it over and over again. Even the ones that I’ve talked that are for business cards have told me that they ended up throwing them away eventually.

Is it okay to have a business card? Sure. Is it needed? No. Get their email send them an email right away and that’s it. Have them grab your email and send you an email. We all have this really cool new thing called cellphone that allows you to write down things into it. It’s pretty cool.

Of course if you feel that it will help you start a conversation then sure do it, but keep in mind that it’s not going to help the conversation be a better conversation or the offer be a better offer. That’s all up to you.

But Daniel you had business cards last year!

I did. But I also created a story about them. I made mine special by making them exclusive they became a collectors object. Let’s take that further? The people that I ended up work with and helping out were not those that I just handed out my card to. It was those that I actually talked for a longer time with. There was an actual exchange of ideas and not just a card. I used them as a vehicle to either end the conversation (since I didn’t want to be there) or to make it a conversation piece in it self.

With all of the people that I talked to I handed out 5 cards and 2 of those I kept in touch with. However I also kept in touch with most of the people I talked with without giving out my card. I kept in touch with those because we had a good conversation and not because of a business card.

A business card is not marketing so please don’t do that mistake. Invest in them. Get them printed on some nice stock and get the exclusive ones, keep them simple and don’t add a ton of unnecessary stuff. Realistically all you need is your name/username, logo, brand color, website/email or Twitch channel. That’s it.


I hope you liked this pre-TwitchCon 2017 article. Going to try and get a few more out in the coming days. If you have any questions then you can find me at

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