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This is a follow up to last weeks article about networking at TwitchCon. TwitchCon have often been touted as THE place to market yourself and to network. Even if there’s been a bigger emphasis on the networking than the marketing by Twitch. While I do agree with Twitch that TwitchCon is best suited for networking I also think that people trying to marketing there is unavoidable. Instead let’s try and make that experience the best one possible for you and for TwitchCon attendees.

Understanding yourself

The very first things that I want to say is that networking does not equal marketing and business cards isn’t a marketing tool. Networking is building relationships and a business card is means of sharing contact information.

Looking back at the first TwitchCon I clearly remember people handing out to anyone as if it was a smart marketing tactic. Not only that the last day of TwitchCon you could see business cards and bi-folders spread out pretty much everywhere. It looked more like someone had airdropped a bunch of pamphlets all over the convention center. Last year I spent most of my time in the VIP area so I didn’t really get to experience the same thing.

I do have a quote by someone that where there and did experience it.

There were people last time that came into a crowded room and just started giving them out to everyone without saying a word.

That’s the type of marketing we do not want to engage in. It has the same impact as dropping random pamphlets all over the place. Sure we can call that mass-marketing, but when was really the last time mass-marketing really worked?

Marketing at TwitchCon

The first thing that you need to understand who you are. If you understand who you are and what’s unique about your stream (it’s often you that is the unique part so it falls back on understanding who you are). When we have those two ready to go we can start to understand how we can use that to our advantage in marketing.

If you’re at TwitchCon to market yourself and your stream to people in attendance you better come in more prepared than with a stack of business cards.

Unless you want your marketing efforts to literally fill the trash bins around TwtichCon you need to invest into your marketing. That dosen’t always have to be money but also in time and effort.

The best thing with TwitchCon is that the attention is already there. The best way to then take that attention is to use our creativity to create something that encapsulate you and your channel.

This can can anything from appropriate giveaways (a pamphlet is not a giveaway it’s a shitty ad) that engages and entices whomever picks it up to keep it and follow up. We can keep it simple with stickers, pins, merchandise, or other things you can think of. That’s a quick way to get around it and to provide somewhat of value to the person that gets it.

As with business cards it’s not about randomly handing things out. While that makes sense for a company that has a booth and are able to put on a “show” or that they have something to showcase. You probably have nothing setup on the stop to show. It’s more so going to be you talking to people. After all the aim of this to eventually have a connection with them through your channel. What you’re aiming to do is to have that connection before they get to your channel.

With that said…

The simplest, yet effective, way to doing marketing at TwitchCon is direct marketing. There’s no need for handouts and no need to spend time to plan something out. Direct marketing is building a relationship person by person. Sure you could back that up with a handout if needed… as long as it’s not a flimsy business card. Really think about it, what would a business card say about your channel anyway? Whatever you give out (as marketing not contact information) should represent you, your channel, and your audience.

The importance is to not worry about the volume of people you want to reach. Instead focus on the quality of who you reach.

I hope you enjoyed this article leading up to TwitchCon 2017. 

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