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What makes you unique? What’s your USP on Twitch?

By 11 January, 2018 No Comments

On the my contact form I have a question that asks “What makes your channel unique?”. It is a challenging question and it’s challenging for a reason. I don’t expect everyone to full grasp what it means or for that matter even understand it. In marketing terms it is called USP (Unique Selling Point).

In this article I really just want to go over the main pitfalls. Since going over what your USP might be is a very broad subject and I find that a lot easier to handle on a one-to-one basis.

Things I’ve Heard

I get to read ton of emails every month from streamers that fill out the from. So I get to a larger chunk of what streamers think/know about their USP. So the most important thing that I’ve noticed, for many years now, is that there’s one answer that keeps coming up over and over again.

“I’m really interactive with chat”, “I’m more interactive than any other streamer I’ve seen”, “I’m always going to be interactive with my community”, “I know my interaction with chat is better than partners streamers I’ve seen”. These are some of those answers. I’m sitting here and saying that they’re wrong answer or untrue. They can very well be true. However one about 80% of responses contains some form of this, is it really a USP?

Solving it

The issue here is not that it’s untrue. It’s that it’s something that’s really hard to scale. Sure you can be interactive and invested in everyones life when you have about 30 viewers. But what happens when there’ 300? 3000? 30.000? How much time in a day will go towards responding to emails, chat, social media on a personal level. How much will be left to do real life things? How much will be left to your stream?

Not to say that it’s impossible. But realistically it’s at least really hard to do. There’s a reason why people feel that partnered streamers don’t do it. Or that streamers that they’ve watched aren’t as interactive. It very well can come down to that it’s something that’s really hard to scale.

Should you stop?

No of course you shouldn’t stop being interactive. IT is your USP right now. I’m sure it’s not your only USP. What I want you to be careful about is what you’re going to do once it can’t be your USP anymore. I’m sure you’re a much more complex person than someone that responds to people. You are after all giving your perspective when you are interactive. Ask yourself what about your responses makes you unique?

Can you scale it?

This is not to say that you shouldn’t try to scale it. It might take on new forms eventually but it’s also an important step towards growing your stream. You might need your mods, significant other, friends and so on, be involved.

Look at it like you’re building a community. That community is what will be part of giving the welcoming feeling. Building that community is your responsibility and if you build it with the interaction and engagment in mind then do it openly. Let your community be part of it and allow them to be with you as you grow.

What makes you unique?

Oh you got all the way down here? Hmm. It’s a tricky question. As I mentioned up to I didn’t want to get into this here. Still I am going to at least give you an idea.

When it comes to Twitch there’s right now two main things that are the it thing. It’s either the personal brand that is just you, or a version you, or aspects of you. That is then brought into the Twitch world where you are your thoughts and interests. The same way that you find friends of same interests, humor, sentiments and so on, you will find an audience that is the same thing. After all that’s, most likely, why people come to specific channels and build a relationship with others in that channel.

Now the other popular thing is to be a character streamer. We’ve streamers like FutureManGaming to Dr. Disrespect, where an alternative person takes t center stage. There’s certain really unique streamers that are straight up 3D renders, muppets or cartoons—from BennyFits, BizNes to Scribbleh. These all of course have a certain hook them them from the outset. Either with their appearance or the story behind their appearance.

With a lot of these that is really it. It’s the attention factor. You see it in your feed and you might click on it and might enjoy it. However that’s not the core brand and it’s not the what makes them unique. Even if it might seem as if that does make them unique it is truly the content that they make that make them unique.

In both of these type streamer it is the very same thing that allows them to grow. It’s the uniqueness in the content they’ve put together. Would Dr. Disrespect have been as interesting without the humor the over the top personality? In there you have it. It’s the personality of the character that is appealing.

So no matter if it’s a personal brand or a character brand what both makes them unique is the personality that either is or is behind it.

This is another article that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. It is true I get a ton of these emails and I keep responding to them with a similar message so why not put my thoughts down here as well.

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