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Looking at your Twitch numbers the right way

By 5 January, 2016 No Comments
Looking at your Twitch number the right way

There’s a lot of streamers, and non-streamers that repeat what streamers say, that you shouldn’t look at the number. Just stream what you like and what you want. That’s really nice but if you want to grow you need to start looking at the number the right way. You might like and but you might also hate it but that’s a part of taking your streaming to a more serious level by looking at your Twitch numbers the right way.

  • Where to start with conversion rate?
  • What’s conversion rate good for?
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Viewer to follower conversion rate

Where to start with conversion rate?

There are a few numbers that we want to look at. First of all we actually want to look at our views and then compare that to the amount of followers. Why is this important? It’s going to give you your conversion rate. If you get 10 followers per 100 views you have a conversion rate of 10%, depending on what you goal is that might sound good or bad. The conversion rate will allow you to see what you can or maybe what you’re not doing. But it dosen’t end there! The next step is to look at where your income for your stream comes from, and in most cases there needs to be income to have a stream stay afloat, be that with donations, subscriptions or other means.

What’s conversion rate good for?

If you’re able to track the conversion rate from follower to subscriber or to merchandise (or whatever else you’re selling). Remember you want that repeat customer not the one-off donation once a year. That repeat customer will not only allow you to keep building on a relationship between you and the viewer but also give something more then just emotes. So when we have this number it might not always be the highest where we hope or think it is but it’s the start when looking at your Twitch numbers the right way.


Let’s take a simple example. You have 100 subscribers and 1.000.000  follower, that you have a pretty low conversion rate, that’s of course a monthly thing. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that followers isn’t the best way to look at your conversion rate. In my opinion you should look at your viewer count, and you can really go as deep as monthly, weekly and daily to really get a understanding of your conversion rate for each different game, situation, day and even time. That’s the reason why sites like StreamHatchet and Twinge can be a invaluable resource for any streamer.

Understanding the numbers

What you can take from this is that you’re doing something wrong, there’s something along the line that makes your follower/viewers not want to subscribe. However it dosen’t stop there! Let’s say you push out a t-shirt sale and all of a sudden you sell 5.000 t-shirts to your 1.000.000 followers, obviously you’re doing something different now and for some reason your viewers are willing to rather spend 25USD then 5USD. Now you can start to see why it’s important to look at these numbers. Your job is to identify this and to understand what’s going and why it’s going on. Why are people buying? Why are people not subscribing? Why is the conversion rate high in one case but another in the next?

With more data you get a better picture of what people are doing and why. Cross that with different types of data and you can get a even more clear picture of where you can invest time and money to grow. That’s the reason why we look at this data and why we look at it in this way. It’s not to compare to other but to figure out how far we are from actual goals. For instance knowing that you have a low conversion rate on your viewer to subscribers but a high one on viewers to merchandise. Will allow you to not gamble on focusing further on one side when the other is lacking, and looking even further you can start to see what games work the best not only in when people subscriber, but when they follow and when they buy something.

Viewer to follower converstion rate

The above examples are all about subscribers but you can use the same principle on viewers to followers. When do people follow? During what type of stream do they follow? Is there a big gap between the different conversion points? What is said during chat during a conversion spike? What incentive seems to have the highest conversion rate?

Again we’re not using the data as a metric to measure how “good” our streams are but rather look at how and where we can approve it. It’s a actually very simple data to follow but hard to execute on and understand, but when you do understand it you are going to be at an advantage over a lot of streamers. It’s all done to improve and not to compare. If you look at the numbers just as number you’re going to stare yourself blind since they’ll mean nothing with the basic understanding of what they mean in reference to other numbers.

We got really in-depth there for a second but I don’t think anyone have truly discussed number beyond “don’t look at your numbers”.

Also Twinge is doing some awesome work with their stats and it’s free. Now you can’t do as much as with a stats bot but still there’s a lot more on Twinge then most other services give you. StreamHatchet is even stronger and stronger then even the custom built ones I’ve seen. I should probably do a tutorial series on how to get going with the two services and what each data point can do for you stream.

I’m feeling good 🙂 Started the motivation/inspiration series on Twitter and going to push it out every Sunday(?) right before the week starts. Maybe post it here as well? But not as a post but rather in the sidebar or something similar. Anyway to get that in your feed follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech



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