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Let’s try “Hey you” instead of “Hey nation” for Twitch

By 10 June, 2016 No Comments

We often start our broadcasts with “HEY X-NATION!”, “How’s everyone doing?” or similar greetings. Now I’m going to upfront and say that I don’t have solid data from Twitch on any of the things I’m going to mention in this article. What I do have data and experience from are video production, media, marketing and advertising. Does that mean that this will 100% work? I have no idea. If you like what I’m about to outline below you should test it out.

A nation or one person?

When it comes to Twitch the first thing you think about is community. You hear it all the time both from Twitch and from streamers. You give them a name by adding nation, brigade, unit etc. you can’t say that you haven’t seen it repeated over and over again. Why do you do it? You do it so we easier can address them all,  you do it so people feel part of a community and other similar reasons. That sounds good right? You’re correct in that thinking, doing that achieve exactly those things.

So why am I trying to argue the opposite? Well I’m not going to argue for you to stop doing that. What I am going to do is argue that it’s not going to help you connect with your audience. When you mention someone by name you’re in an instant create a relationship between you and them… be it a good or a bad one. The cool thing with words is that they can be used the same way. By simply changing “Hey everyone” to “Hey you” you’re all of a sudden talking to one person. Instead of saying “How’s everyone doing to today?” you can go “How are you doing today?”, a simple change with a lot of impact.

Trick or human nature?

It’s one of those old tricks that works not because it’s tricky but because it’s how we as human interact. You’re now addressing one person and one person alone. This is going to feel a lot more personal and directed. The reason why this isn’t used on Twitch that often is because there’s an entire audience right there in chat and they can in-turn talk to each other. There’s no barrier and the viewers know they’re not alone. It might sound a bit out there but if done right it should work even with that barrier. Of course the smaller the channel the more effective it’s going to be. But hey, it’s time for smaller streamers to get another advantage.

If you want to try it out in an easier environment, to test the waters, you should try it on the social medias that you use. Specially if you’re doing video outside of Twitch. 

Do it!

Nonetheless I do believe that this can help you to get better interaction and get your chat going. It changes the game when you only  have a few people talking in your chat or even when there’s mostly lurkers. You know that they say to never acknowledge the lurkers in your chat… but guess what you’re not really addressing them with this but you’re also doing that. You’re not calling them out by name BUT you’re posing the a question, a remark and a cue to start a conversation.

Can it really be this simple? Yes it can and it is. If you’re able to make your stream more personal when you start out and being able to build those relationships  and make them strong. They will in-turn become dedicated follower and be the ones that walks with you as you figure out your Twitch path. Don’t be afraid to try it out and only because a big streamer does something dosen’t mean they’re doing it right. You can always improve, surpass or find a new path on a young (5 years as I write this article) Twitch.

Thursday, thursday, thursday! Hey did you know that I talked to you this entire article? Felt better right? Well if you’ve made it this far I wanted to tell you something cool that I’m planning. I’m going to TwitchCon so I’m going to create few events to get some funds going. I’m not going to ask for your money for nothing trust me on that. I’m going to do a branding, marketing, learning session for a few hours sometime in the near future. It will be free to be there and it will be free to call in… it will all be free but if you feel you’re getting value out if it I’m down with that. Anyway I’ll talk more to you about that very soon.

Oh… probably shouldn’t have told you about the “you” thing. Now you’re going to think it’s a trick. I guess it sort of is but I also do talk to anyone that send me an e-mail or tweets me a question. I even have Discord sessions with people to talk s#¤% with over a beer.




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