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Invest into the right things at the start of your Twitch channel

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Invest into the right things at the start of your Twitch channel

We often hear about new streamers getting brand new equipment before even starting to stream. Everything from XLR microphones, pre-amps, voice modulator, capture cards, mixers to a green screen. Why? Because the top 5% of streamers use them? Investing in the wrong things won’t get you to grow an audience and investing in things only to try and mimic another streamer isn’t going to get you anywhere but falling behind financially. Being a good and great streamer can come down to how you invest into the right things at the start of your Twitch channel.

Why do people invest in equipment?

It’s the shiny object that blinds us. A lot of streamers want to mimic the success of bigger streamers and it’s a lot easier to get around something you can buy. I’ve seen as small as an audience of 2-3 viewers looking at a streamer with equipment worth a thousands dollars.

A lot of streamers are throwing money at something that’s won’t actually benefit their viewers and it won’t benefit them either. Why do is say that? Isn’t it a good thing to have good equipment? As long as they can see and/or hear you it’s enough at the start. You’re looking to invest into the wrong things. You’re forgetting that your audience comes before anything else.

We’re bombarded with big streamers showing off their latest rig, new microphone, mixers etc. It can blind anyone into think that it’s a part of their success. While I don’t doubt that it’s something that gives a better experience for a lot of people at once (in terms of better audio or video). It’s only done since they can’t do what you can do and that’s invest into your viewers instead of investing into something that won’t benefit your growth at an early stage.

What to invest in then?

If the streamer, I mentioned earlier, took that one thousand and put it to use towards those 2-3 viewers. Invested in giving them the best experience instead of worrying about getting the best equipment for themselves. Imagine if you took 300 dollars and spent a 100 dollars on getting something for those 3 viewers? Maybe sending them a holiday gift, birthday gift etc. really anything you can come up with. That 100? That’s just a suggestion it can be 10, 20 or whatever you want. But the point is that you’ve created a ambassador for your channel, because you can be damned sure that they will tell others about you.

So stop investing in equipment that you can get down the line and something you easily can scale as you grow. Instead invest into what you can scale as you grow. When you have 10.000 viewers you won’t be able to give them all a gift or send them personal thank you notes. But when they’re just a handful you have the opportunity to turn them into your most dedicated viewers and ambassadors of your streaming brand.

Simple example:

Take a minute and think about these two alternatives and what you would end up share with your friends.

[mks_col] [mks_one_half]Scenario A: A small streamer with a few followers have a microphone.[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half]Scenario B: A small streamer with a few followers sends out personalized letter for a viewers birthday.  [/mks_one_half] [/mks_col]

When you’re a small streamer you’re best weapon is being a small streamer. You have the ability with small means do something a bigger streamer can. They can’t send out a personalized letter to each sub or tipper. They can’t send out a gift for a birthday for those that have spent the most time chatting in your channel.

As a small streamer you have the ability to reach out to your viewers and make them into spokespeople and ambassadors for your channel. Show love for your community and they’ll show love back to you. Invest in your audience and into technology that you might as well get further down the line and is anyway unimportant to your growth.

Right now I’m on the train from Linköping back home to Malmö. It’s about 9 at night and I’ve been visiting my best friend over the day, just in time for Christmas. I’m feeling good and I hope you’re feeling good as well.

I will post on Christmas eve and on new years eve as well, not sure what type of post just yet but there will be something there for sure. And then as we roll into next year I’m starting that Twitch motivation on Twitter that I’ve been talking about, for more on that follow me @visiblespeech. Come think about it I’ll probably write a “this year in review” thing for new years, predict the future a bit and talk about my own future as well.



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