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From Twitch trolls and haters to a better Twitch channel

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How many times have you heard a Twitch streamer say “The user started as a Twitch trolls/haters but now is one of my closest follower”? I’ve at least heard it plenty of times, what’s the deal with Twitch trolls/haters turning into fans? What’s the psychology behind it? How can you use it, to not only get a close fan but how to improve your Twitch stream?

So many Twitch trolls and so many haters

Trolling, dislike or hating have never been easier before. There’s no need to have stamps at home, a phone number or even an e-mail address. All that’s needed now is Twitch chat, Twitter or any other form of open communication channel to reach every and all Twitch streamers. This is both good and bad, but I want to talk about turning the bad towards good.

Now I’ve said that someone that dosen’t like your content or someone that’s not buying what you’re selling isn’t worth your time… and I’m going to stick with that. However the point isn’t those that never will convert it’s those that are willing to convert and where there’s actual feedback or misguided anger hidden under it all. While not all feedback is good feedback but not all negative feedback is bad feedback. It’s a balance between listening the right way and responding to it in a better way.

From haters, negative feedback to marketing your Twitch channel

Sometimes what’s hidden beneath is a bad review of your Twitch stream, someone might use stronger words then others, and the real review is hidden somewhere there as well. But why do the ones that can start out as being on one side end up on the good side? When we look at business today (outside of Twitch) one of the strongest marketing tools and brand building ways are customer service. We can use that very same concept when for our Twitch channels. Have you’ve ever called in to a customer service mad as hell but at the end of the call you’re a lot happier, more understanding and even learnt a thing or two? Have you after that told other about that experience? I have and you’ve probably done the same… that’s marketing and that’s brand building. The same thing is when the opposite happens but it’s negative marketing and it’s destroys the brand.

Here’s another funny thing. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve seen smaller streamer get @ replies on Twitter with questions and the one that asked, even if it’s a tough question, get’s no response. What’s the line of thinking there? Is the streamer too big (probably not)? Don’t have time (maybe)? Don’t care (most likely)? Not replying is a sending a even stronger message that the streamer don’t care and if that streamer don’t care then why should you care about them?

The psychology behind it is very simple. A viewer that had a problem and then has that problem solved becomes more loyal then someone that never had a problem.

It’s an investment in time

Yes you spending time on social media is an investment and it’s going to cost you in time. That’s why I don’t think you need to be on every platform for the sake of being on every platform. Be on the social media platform that you understand and use it the best way you can. These problems in a Twitch channel is seldom technique but rather social and we could go really deep into social engineering but I’m not going to since that’s some scary territory. Sometimes it is technical-ish and maybe you can use your brand or history in whatever profession or schooling you have and use that as an advantage. There’s plenty of different ways that you can go with being responsive to comments, suggestions and problems that your audience has.

How to handle the negative

When there’s something negative we take it to heart even we’re not supposed. The better we can not take it to heart and in most cases it’s not about you but about the one that’s being negative. Shannon at Twitch wrote a great article on this over at and I really only want to add one thing to that one and that is IF you’re going to respond don’t do it as a direct response on the fly. Take your time and look at it as maybe there’s something there and ask them, take care of whatever problem they might have. Now I know that this wasn’t mentioned in Shannon’s article (that dosen’t make it wrong) but I wanted to add yet another thing to it and it’s this interview with a troll from This American Life. Will this be true to everyone no of course not but take it into consideration when there is  Twitch trolls that at the end of the day it really isn’t about you.

We can keep going and say that you should never reply more then twice. Maybe they start with “Hey you’re stream is shit!”, your first respond might be “What part of my stream do you dislike?”, their second response “You’re just a bad streamer” and now you’re on your second response with something like “You sound a bit upset if you want you can send me a e-mail at” if they come back with another “No I don’t want to talk your stream is just bad”. You instinct might be to try to prove them wrong but instead all you should do is to walk away. They’re now in that circle of people that we’re never going to reach and it’s obvious that our content isn’t for them and that’s fine.


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