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Effective advertising with your Twitch brand

By 1 September, 2016 No Comments

It dosen’t allude me that there’s tons of post on r/Twitch about how to promote or how to advertise. Now I’ll tell you right here and now that if someone has one-size fits all solution they’re selling you snake oil. That’s not how it works today and that’s never going to work when you actually are trying to get people to stick around after you’ve pushed out your promotion/advertising.

Do you have any idea what you’re saying?

Before we can dig into how you get going with a proper campaign we first need to have an idea over what we’re actually communicating. Not only in your promotion/advertising but what our Twitch brand is communicating with visitors and viewers. That’s why I said that there’s no campaign that’s going to work for everyone and I’ll explain a bit more about that later. What you brand is saying will define what type of advert/promotion you’re going to do.

Some handy advice

Advertising is always easier said than done. It’s about setting a solid budget that’s consistent (that’s if you’re hiring someone to do it) otherwise it’s going to feel a bit all over the place. If you’re doing it yourself remember to keep a certain standard that don’t confuse the ones you’re targeting. You need to do this with a frequency that allows you to be able to not spend too much time on it and at the same time not over do it so people start to get uninterested.

No matter how you look at it great content will always be the best advertising/promotion that you can have. No ad campaign will make your channel better, make you into a better streamer or create better stream. All advertising/promotion will do when you don’t have content that’s good is to highlight all the faults that it has. Be honest, consistent, generous, thoughtful and be authentic when you crate a ad/promotion campaign.

This type of marketing is brand marketing and it’s called that since it’s based around your Twitch brand. Brand marketing is all about being long-term and striving towards something greater. You can’t measure it in numbers, followers or likes and often it’s when a Twitch streamer don’t see the results fast enough that they end good campaigns. You need to look beyond that and look at it as marathon and not a sprint.

Testing your campaign before you launch it

Let’s say you’ve come up with an ad campaign but you want to test it out before you push the button on it. Well it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. As I mentioned earlier in this article that this is all about you and your brand. That’s also how we test if this is the right ad campaign for you or even you understand your own Twitch brand.

Take you ad campaign and apply it to any other Twitch streamer. Does it work? Well the sad news is that you’ve created an ad campaign that says nothing about you. It’s not going to allow anyone to understand you better, it’s not going to make someone understand what your channel does that is better or unique. That’s why need to understand what your Twitch brand is all about and how you can use that to create an ad campaign that will highlight said Twitch brand.

I hope that you now know how to create a proper campaign and get started with your ads the right way!

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