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Don’t wait for the right time to be a Twitch streamer

By 21 March, 2016 No Comments

I’ve been in this business for over 3 years now and about half way into the 4th. I’m lucky in the sense that I was born in a era where I eventually could take time and money to shift focus into something that I loved. The thing that I loved was Twitch and it’s now my full-time job. I work from early morning until late night and I love it.

Don’t hesitate!

If you’re thinking about going full-time on Twitch, and I’m not talking about the flimsy “I stream for 8 hours so it’s full-time” it’s not full time and you know it. I’m talking about those that either have the mentality and have saved up money to make the commitment 100%. That’s someone that’s full-time and it’s interesting to look at the data I have (small sample size) but those that say they’re full-time (but that I can tell isn’t) never sees the same success as those that are self-aware enough to know their own limitations and understands their position.

Self-awareness is what gives you an edge.

Don’t wait!

The best easiest and fastest way to get what you deserve is to actually do it. Figure out how you provide value for your audience, learn how to communicate your value and engage with your audience at all times (bad and good). If you’re a small streamer you have no excuse not to respond to every e-mail, tweet, post etc. if you’re a small streamer that’s going to do this full-time you should feel ashamed if you’re not able to engage with your audience. If you need it find a mentor (people love to tech what they know) and learn to hustle and get that taste of what Twitch is all about.

There’s no try, only do. — Yoda

You can read this blog, other blogs, about streamers, books etc. but that’s not going to make you a Twitch streamer. The only way to be something is to do it.

Do it right now!

What I want you to do, and it dosen’t matter if you’re thinking about going full-time or if you’re thinking about starting to stream, you have to do it. There’s not going to be a perfect moment for you to start, no magic hour and no random goal and do you want to know why ? Because it dosen’t exist. No one is going to give a damn about you or your Twitch channel unless you actually go out there and make it happen. You have to put in hard work on your Twitch channel and show why it has a value above everything else.

The perfect moment to start dosen’t exist.

There’s no better time to really re-focus on what’s important to yourself as the present. Don’t wait until you feel it’s time, the only time you need is now and if you start today be it starting to stream, re-branding, getting proper brand etc. in a year you’re going to have 365 days of knowledge.

I wanted to keep this pretty short today and if you’re interested why and why I’m on this path of getting things done you can ready at the end of the post.


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I got back a few hours ago from my grandmothers funeral. I’m sorry if that’s something that’s close to your heart as well. My grandmother was a strict woman but she also made me realize that 2015 was a practice year for all the things I’m about to do in 2016.





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