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Curate and share to build your Twitch brand

By 29 August, 2016 No Comments

Today I’m going to talk about something that I know a lot of you are missing when it comes to our Twitch content. Some even do it without knowing they do but there’s a way to do it right as well and get the most out of it.

What’s the point of curating?

This isn’t something new and blogs do it, social media posters do it and places like tumblr do it. It’s something as simple as taking other content to share it and curate it. This might seem simple and you can always post a funny image you find or put up a quote that you like. However these things will always come of better and more valuable to your audience if you do it with thought behind it.

A tweet with only a image or only a link while having the possibility to valuable won’t tell anyone anything about you. It’s not going to allow your brand to grow beyond that tweet. Whenever you can make something more valuable than what it originally might seem like. For instance instead of a link or just a thought instead of adding a link having your point of view and opinion attached will raise the value of it. It will also show your personality and that you have an opinion about something that shapes who you are that they can identify with.

Using social media

Social media and your Twitch channels allows us to become a filter. We probably have an audience due to that they like us or agree with what we have to say. That means that they trust that you can give them things that they’ll enjoy down the line as well. That goes beyond sharing only things that you’ve made but also point them to things that you enjoy and make your give, give, give train even longer. You give value and they’ll give back in whatever way they might seem appropriate.

Sharing content will build your Twitch brand

Sharing these type of things and curating the content that you do share will help your audience. It will show that you’re an expert in whatever it is that you do, an authority and someone that’s reliable. If you want to take about building a Twitch brand this is at the core of it. Every time you share something that matches with your Twitch brand you’re going to strengthen all of this even further. We can take this even further and after awhile you’ll become their go to place for that type of information. The same way that Reddit curates the best content by upvoting you’re doing the same… but you’re the only one upvoting.

Want to take it even further? By sharing things from other Twitch streamers and content creators you’re over time going to start building a relationship with them. At that point we’re starting venture into the realm of networking. But there’s benefits all-around when you start to do this.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye open for content
  • Set up keywords on Twitter to find content
  • Follow the right people on Twitter
    • The truth is that the people that I’ve connected with over Twitter are those that actually share my content. They gave me something so I give something back when I can, be it with feedback or even sharing their stream.
  • Add value
  • Have a point of view
  • Ask for opinions
  • Always credit the creator and link it

Others are already doing it

I’m sure that after you’ve read this article you’ll start to see that bigger Twitch streamers are doing exactly this. Be it that it’s something that they naturally do, something they’ve discovered over time or maybe something they’ve researched. Nonetheless you now have the knowledge to do the same thing without having to struggle to figure out how they did it or why they do it.

How are you curating today? I know it’s something I need to get a bit better at but I do share videos and such from time to time and I do add my point of view on re-tweets as well. 

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