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Creating a newsletter for your Twitch audience

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Creating a newsletter for your Twitch audience

I recently started my own newsletter (go sign up now and I did for a multitude of reason and a lot of them can be applied to how Twitch broadcasters run their channels. In this article you can find out more about creating a newsletter for your Twitch audience.

Why creating a newsletter for your Twitch audience?

Before I landed on creating a newsletter I also thought about creating a question/answers sections, a forum and various other things. Now all of those things can be great but the reason I landed on a newsletter is first so your experience gets better you no longer need to go the the site every week but can instead get the newsletter each weekend with both articles. On top of that I’ll also include a short article that’s too short to be a article and too long to be a Tweet.

That might sound crazy that I don’t want people to constantly check the site and get more clicks. The reason I because I look at the long run and I rather want quality clicks then anything else. You can look at your own Twitch channel the same way. Sure you could spam out your channel to as many people as possible and I’m sure you’ll get a rise in both views and followers BUT will any of those stick? We’re now talking bout conversation rates and that’s where I want to focus my efforts towards the sell. The sell for you is the dedicated follower that shows up and becomes a regular/concurrent viewer.

How does a newsletter makes this happen?

The newsletter allows you to get to the core of your audience and create a deeper engagement level. You’re able to connect with them beyond your stream and beyond your Twitter feed. Both places can be extremely crowded at times and depending on how many they follow or what time of day it is you can strikeout at any moment. With direct access to their e-mail you can put your content front and center right to their inbox. It will be on their time and on their request, they’re in a sense allowing you to make them ambassadors and in sense market directly to them. This is what we call permission marketing and it can be one of the strongest tools today.

Permission marketing

There’s tons of services out there that can allow you to setup a newsletter with a dashboard, even without a website (and don’t do a reply to all thing). For smaller streamers this can be a great way to go instead of having a Google Document (I’ve actually seen streamers use this is a way of communication) or setting up a website (please stop using free websites, it will only diminish your brand over time). Don’t just collect e-mails, either through your chat, inbox or grabbing them without permission (even if they were given to you for some other reason) this is permission marketing so you permission to send it out.

Go for it!

Afraid you might only get 1 or 2 readers/subscribers to your newsletter? Trust me I dosen’t matter how many or how few there are this is the best way you can reach those that are ready to buy your message, be dedicated to you and want more from you.

The equation is very simple when it comes to permission marketing. They want you to “market” to them. Now it’s more then sending out messages saying that your going live. This isn’t Twitter and it’s not your stream it’s suppose to be something you can give your viewers that want to engage with you, and engagement equals a better community and it equals a social proof marketing.

Consistency is the key to all doors

Remember whatever it is that you do you need to be consistent and follow through to the end. If you can’t be consistent with your Twitch schedule, then why not add that consistency with a newsletter or anything else that might enable you to have some sort of consistency. We know that consistency is one of the keys to success and that goes for when you do permission marketing and content marketing as well.


I’ve seen those that set up their newsletters behind a paywall. That might work when you’re really big and really have something out of value to offer as a membership thing (going to write about the logged-in experience soon). However as you grow it’s better to bet on free content that will allow you to grow your stream to the optimal potential that any started channel has. Use the value that you can create and the value that you have as a person and give that to those that are read for it.

What to fill it with?

This is where you have to become a bit more creative. It can’t just be something they can get anywhere. Look how I sell my newsletter by saying that it’s a more convince and time saving way to experience my articles AND you get additional content that you won’t get anywhere else. It’s in those lines that you have to start thinking in, what is the newsletter doing for them? Is it adding anything to their experience? Since if not then it’s wasted time, both for them and for you.

A newsletter is:

  • The perfect way to talk directly and authentically to your following.
  • A place to give them content that they might have missed.
  • Perfect to highlight offers/deals/contests/merchandise/content.
  • Great for you to build trust.
  • A way to give yourself a reason to complete goals and keep them on track.

A newsletter isn’t:

  • A way to send out spam.

You don’t need to start a newsletter today or tomorrow but start thinking about things that you could put into a newsletter. Those things will become content marketing and the newsletter (permission marketing) will be the best way to reach those that want all of that content easily accessible.



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Tomorrow I’m going to be away most of the day to do networking and business stuff, going to be awesome.

First I’m hitting up the Social Media Trend Spotting 2016 talk. Then I’m headed to a local school to talk business about me lecturing and having a workshop in digital marketing. Lastly I’ll be heading over to a creative afterwork party, to do some networking, eat good food and have a drink or two. I’m actually most excited about the networking since a lot of creatives are bad at doing personal branding and marketing.

If you want pictures and updates or got question for me, then follow me on Twitter @visiblespeech! Have a great weekend!



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