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By 18 July, 2016 No Comments

Right so the weekend was one of those eye-opening moments when certain things just start to make sense. Also it was my birthday so that makes sense I hope. One thing that constantly is changing is Twitch as I type this Twitch has just started to broadcast the RNC convention. We’ve also seen creative, food and performance art taking a stage on Twitch.

What’s next

What does this mean to you the gamer or gaming streamer? Well it means things are changing but that dosen’t mean your content has to change but instead it can allow you to do more on Twitch. Sure we’re going to see that first partnered magician or stand-up comic and there’s going to be a lot of gaming streamer not liking that. However the title of this article is content. That’s what it’s all about the more content the more eyes there’s going to be.

It’s easy to dismiss and say that these new streamers in these new categories are taking away your viewers. Yes that’s the easy way out but the truth is that those aren’t stolen views those are added potential views for you. The fist step is that, and the most possible one, that if someone that’s interested in magic comes to the site and in some way sees your channel you get another view. The other step is that you can now create that content as well, maybe not as well but it’s not for that audience it’s for you audience and it’s a way for other potential viewers to find you.

This is for everyone

So when you start adding all of this extra content there’s something that’s going to get in the way and that’s TIME. There’s not enough time to be able to create content for YouTube, Twitch, Social Media outlets and preparering for every stream, editing the videos and finding the right image for your social media.

How do we make it work? Well a lot of streamers over work themselves, be it non-partnered or partnered streamers. It’s not really the healthy option for you in the long run. I do have some good news for you. This can be addressed by having a strong brand that you can align yourself with. While it’s far from the easiest thing in the world to have a brand that’s thought out well enough that you can transition between certain things. Be it how you integrate it into your overall stream or how you visual brand it, that will all come down to how strong your brand is in it’s base.

If you brand was created by someone that only looks at the visual you’re going to lack everything that’s needed to actually grow. If your brand is not well formed you’re going to float around without any proper direction in most cases. I’ve previously talked a lot about how important a brand can be and how it shapes not just the look but also the feel, structure and final outcome of your entire stream.

Anyone can get a hold of a Twitch branding expert and what it comes down to is how much you’re willing to spend to get it set up right the first time. Or if you’re going to need to re-do it as you realize all the pitfalls that no one told you about.

This step isn’t for everyone

Before I end this article I wanted to leave you with one last thing that might not be for everyone. This is however what I’m seeing all over the place. It’s the hired help. Not the one time fee for getting a brand, logo, illustration or all that stuff. Not this is the repeated hire that you take in. Be it to create graphics for you every month, social media stuff, gifs, editing videos or organizing things for you.

This is very much something that bigger streamers are looking at right now. I’ve been sitting in on the meeting and been part of the discussions a few times so there’s things constantly going on behind the scenes. The bigger you are the less time you want to spend time on things that isn’t streaming. Remember that they’re paying to save time and money. Does that sound weird? We all know time is money. So what might take the streamer 6 hours to create might take a professional 2 hours. What could you do for instead for 6 hours that would benefit you better? Probably a bunch of stream related or why not health related things to not burnout.

This of course means that as Twitch grows so does the top streamers and that in turn opens up even more ways to be a part of the Twitch machine without being a streamer. It really does feel that we’re moving in to a new era of Twitch but an era that only the people behind the scenes really will notice. The only noticeable thing that will happen for the audience is a bump in quality of the content. This however will test how strong the bigger streamers brands really are and I can promise you that a lot of what we see today as big streamer will take a hit as Twitch moves forward. That also means that there’s going to be space for new top streamers, as is the world of Twitch.

Alright I’m feeling good and I’m on the right track now. I have so much energy that you wouldn’t even be able to recognize me if you knew me personally. I’m about to do something study (non-Twitch related) so maybe I’ll have a even newer perspective on life after that… only time will tell. If you want to know  more about that you can look below or if you want to know more about what is that I do in terms of Twitch branding and brainstorming!




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