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Call to action for your Twitch channel

By 5 September, 2016 One Comment

You might have read about Call To Action (CTA), either in my articles or on other places. While it’s a common term in marketing it’s never been a common term when it comes to our Twitch channels. CTA buttons and prompts are extremely powerful and even more so when they’re well crafted. In this article I’m going to over what they are and how you can craft a good CTA prompts for your panels, offline cards and even social media.

What’s a Call To Action?

It’s there as prompt for the visitor to take action. It’s calling someone to take action. For instance the follow button or the subscribe button on a Twitch channel are both CTA… however they’re really bad CTA since they don’t prompt or really call to action. All they do is how an action and that’s not what we want to do with our CTA buttons.  The most common place for a CTA on our Twitch channels are in our Twitch panels where we prompt visitors to go to your social media, follow the channel, subscribe and so on. Other places are in our offline cards, starting cards and various alteration of those. The more flexible the design and the stronger your Twitch brand and visual Twitch brand is the better you’re going to be able to alter those as well. Lastly we have them appear in our social media platforms over and over again and only the well crafted ones will gather any form of attention for your followers.

How to create a great Call To Action

Twitch panels

The best CTA’s out there are right to the point and describes the exact action that you want the visitor to take. If you want them to follow your channel you don’t tell just put a Twitch panel that says follow and call it a day. It’s all about the copy (the text) both for the button and the text below it. Most commonly is that you  have it the other way around to build it up but that’s not really how Twitch panels are built, unless you make the whole panel (320×320) into a image.

A few examples for a better way to craft a great CTA in your Twitch panels is to describe the action that you want them to take. “Click here to follow”, “Scroll up and click follow”, “Press now to follow” and so on. These are prompts that describe the steps that the visitor should take, almost like a tiny step by step guide. Like I mentioned earlier this needs to be to the point and direct as possible. Your panels also allow you to add in text either before (if you’ve made the whole panel into a image) or below the top image. This text can be a bit more in-depth but still you should keep it to a minimum. You want to describe the benefit of what they might be missing out on and of course the most common is that the user gets to see when you go online. But there’s ton of other things that they might miss out on depending on what your Twitch brand is and that’s exactly what you want to highlight here.

Offline cards

We can use the same principle when we’re adding things to the offline card or when we add it into our offline cards. Using CTA on the offline card isn’t commonly used but don’t be afraid to try it out since you’re going to one of very few that even does it.

There’s no need to have the entire offline card as a CTA since that’s only going to take away from the overall look of it. Unless you’re able to navigate through a few design obstacles but to be on the same side keep it simple and to the point. The offline image isn’t a button and you can’t click it there for we can use arrows and prompts to get people do certain things.

Adding an arrow that points towards where they can follow or subscribe is something that’s getting more and more attention. Another thing is to actually explain why they should follow your channel or social media. Only the link might look good but if you really want them to take action you have to ask for it to happen.

Social media

Here we can use it more frequently in our posts instead of in the various banners and cover images. The best option here is to think about how you post text, images, gifs and videos and what type of copy you’re using. Are you telling people to actually take action or are you only announcing that you’re going live? Remember that if there’s no prompt it might slip peoples mind to actually do it. Now that might sound crazy but it’s true and we really do need these prompts to get things going inside of our brains. This is all psychology but that’s exactly what marketing is built around so better believe that this is the step in the right direction.

A good post on social media no matter if it’s on Twitter is to add a image that can be your CTA and add in something that the user should do and an explanation why that’s important to them. On something more visual like Instagram use that visual to get more across than just the text in caption. You have a large image where you have the opportunity to catch people attention as they scroll by.

I hope you had a great weekend and that you got to thinking about a lot of cool things for your channel. I’ve been thinking a lot about the behind the scens stuff with visual branding and being a graphic designer. I’ll write a bonus article about it in the coming days to get you hyped for something that is coming up at the end of this month.

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