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Business cards for TwitchCon?

By 4 July, 2016 No Comments

They’re useless. It’s 2016 my friend. If you’re still running around with a business card that hold no value you’re doing something very wrong. It’s the equivalent of a QR-code… actually it’s even more archaic than that.

Business cards in 2016 is stupid

I brought this up on the StreamerSpace Podcast and my co-hosts almost fell out of their chairs. It did turn into a rather funny and very much me trashing business cards it also made me think. Why do people care about business cards? The only thing that I could think about was the infamous scene from American Psycho. This really what business cards have become these days and it’s more of pissing contest than something that actually will help you in a digital age.

I did a short LiveSpace podcast after the last TwithCon. Do you know how many cards I kept? None. What I did keep was the connections I made with people while talking to them and if they wanted to keep that connection going or not. That’s it.

If you want to make a connection you send someone a e-mail. You open your phone, you put in their e-mail adress and you send them a message. They’re not magically in your address book and you have even started a conversation you can pick up on afterwards.

Here’s the thing a business card at the end of the day (most of the time) is a piece of paper with no value that only contains information. Do you think that’s going to make a viewer want to come to your channel? Do you think it’s going to mean that someone wants to talk to you? Of course not the only reason someone would check you out would be if there was something there for them and that thing is probably YOU.

All of the connections I’ve made are from actually talking with people or actually sending them an e-mail. Have everyone responded? Of course not. But the point isn’t the people that don’t respond it’s the the people that DO respond. That’s the important part when you’re trying to network. You’re going to get 100% more out of having a good conversation and presenting yourself the right way than you’re going to get handing out your business card to as many people as possible.

What’s better?

In the year 2016 a business card is a waste of paper and time. However there’s an asterisk and it’s an important one. Value! Yes you can give good content and value with a business card. What does that even mean? That means something like emotes from your channel on stickers with a link to your channel would make 100% more sense than a business card for growing your channel. Having a something that the one that gets it actually will care about and value will always top anything else you actually will do with a piece of paper.

Is stickers too expensive? Contact your graphic designs and start throwing ideas back and forth. Got a Snapchat? Throw that code on piece of paper and it’s more effective than a business card. Have something that can showcase who you are? As long as it something that’s valuable to the one you’re trying to reach it’s going to weight a lot more. Have a giveway (related to your stream or something you regularly do) create a short URL an slap that on a card.

What I really want you to do is start to think outside of that American Psycho business card box that I see too many streamers fall into. If you have good content make something that reflect that content, something that will make people value what they get or have a conversation and send them an e-mail on the spot. I do get that it’s easier to hand over a card and you don’t need to talk etc. but if you actually take time to talk you’re going to get a lot further and build an actual connection.

If you’re a creative streamer you should use business cards not only as way to show who you are but to actually showcase your art. Yes that means a higher investment if you want several different “cards” but it would be well worth the effort. A regular streamer can do the same, find a creative streamer or designers and create your own trading cards for your stream… oh that’s actually a really good idea…

Obviously there’s going to be different cards if you’re doing something for business, networking or to grow your channel. For business… just don’t. For networking… just don’t. For growing your channel we’re not even talking about business cards anymore we’re talking straight up about promotion material.

What I really want to say is that there’s better ways to get going with this


Thinking about making series of things to think about before TwitchCon, who does that sound? What do you want to know?



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