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Building A Twitch Brand vs. Selling

By 6 November, 2017 No Comments

What follows is yet another excerpt from the Twitch branding book that I never really finished up. It is strange reading it and seeing how much of it still holds relevance today. The following is about the difference between building a Twitch brand and selling.

Here we  go..

There’s a few things we can do when it comes to growing our channel. In marketing we call them marketing funnels. Basically it’s the different avenues that visitors, viewers etc. comes to see and interact with your Twitch channel’s content.

I’m not going to talk about marketing too much in this book article but I’ll tell you this: Branding and marketing are designed/created to make selling easier. That doesn’t mean that you’re selling a product or subscription and it can simply be selling people on you, your ideas or on your Twitch channel. When you put these to next to each other, the way I just did, I’ll argue that they’re interchangeable. Meaning that when you build a brand it’s on the purpose of selling yourself to your audience. However when this is all you say and all you teach it will get muddled with people preconception of what the two are.

When a lot of us think selling we think a sales person coming to your door, an annoying employee in a store trying to sell you thing you don’t need or an ad on TV/YouTube/Twitch. We need to take a look at why it feels so weird when dealing with these type scenarios.

The main reason is a lot simpler than you might think. They’re trying to sell you something that you don’t need or want (I think I’m repeating myself), they’re not authentic, they’re not GIVING you anything. There you have the key to building a brand and, in that same breath, selling people on you comes down to giving. Giving without the expectation of getting anything back is going to set you up far better than any other advice about a schedule, picking the right game, networking or “work on your branding”. This is the real life and real s&%# type of thing that’s going to allow you to become known to those that matter to you, your brand and to your channel.

In a sense we’re not giving two flying ducks about sales. We don’t need to sell anything to grow our channel. The only thing we need is to build our brands and use that as leverage to build an audience, from that audience we can in turn create things that they love and when we have things they love, we can actually give them things that they can buy. It’s not a money grab, it’s never a money grab, it’s an additional way to connect, strengthen and build more brand awareness with your audience.

Reading through this article again and making some minor adjustments I once again realized that all of this is still relevant. You might also notice how different my writing style is compared to my regular articles. 

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