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Automation, dark social and your Twitch branding

By 21 July, 2016 No Comments

Earlier this week I wrote about how we can create more content the more Twitch grows but also about the possible pitfalls. Now I wanted to talk about things that you can’t really measure but things that will actually make you grow. Let me start by saying that dark social isn’t a bad thing and have nothing to do with the dark side, so let’s start with what it is.

Not all about the numbers we see

This is dark social. What’s dark social? Dark social are the things that you can’t see in numbers or track in trackers. It’s simply not showing up anywhere. This dosen’t matter if it’s across Twitch or any social media. The thing about dark social is that it’s often a lot more powerful than any other thing. The reason is simple, it’s often exclusive, it’s personal and it’s not about reaching the widest audience but getting depth. Did you know that one of the biggest social media apps right now is dark social? You probably guessed it, SnapChat. No way to track but you have all the ways to connect deeper.

Streamers, mostly small, equate their growth to the number of views and followers. There’s bunch of other numbers we can look at as well, all the way from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. things I’ve written about before. However there’s numbers that’s much more important when we talk about growing your audience when we start out or even when we’ve just become partnered or actually even when you become a big streamer.

Depth over width

Depth is what’s actually going to allow you to grow when you start and not width. Width it’s what’s going to allow you to connect with a few people at once but the relationship you build here will end up being a lot stronger than anything else you can imagine. It’s as simple as taking time to actually respond to e-mail properly or even record a personal video. While these may take an hour to create they’re going to mean a lot more to the person that will get it.

Now the result of these are things we can’t measure. We can’t see how far a e-mail stretches, we can’t see what impact a personal video has and we can’t see how far every instance of deep connection that we have. However you yourself now how much more impact a brand or a person has on you when they take their time to actually reach out to you.

Automation is the opposite of depth

As more and more Twitch streamers want to automate things, hire those that write for them or handles the social media. The less distance there’s going to be between them and the viewer. Whoever it’s the ability to reach depth that’s always going to be missing in this scenario. While it’s possible to do more things for depth even when you’re a bigger this is something that’s extremely hard to scale.

Sure this blog post might give depth but the truth is that it’s more width. The truth depth that I do is that I personally respond to each e-mail that I get. I write these blog posts, with spelling errors and bad sentence structure, why? That’s my story, my brand and my voice. Anything else would feel weird and dishonest. In short it wouldn’t be the brand that I am, and the brand that I curate.

Sure having a connection with 1 or 10 might sound a lot less than 100 or 1000. We can’t however look at it this way since those 1 – 10 people are going to be more dedicated and overtime end up being ambassadors for you and your content. When you push out content in as many venues as possible to try to be on someone mind as much as possible… well doing this is a short cut. The depth that you can reach with this goes far and above what you could with 4 broadcasts.

Depth will always win

Depth is always going to be greater then width. Width might sound good but depth is what’s going to really set your apart in peoples mind. It’s what’s going to show that you’re not a robot and that you have a story to tell. It will show everyone that you’re someone that people can trust and that word will spread in ways that you can’t always see. It’s when we truly combine dark social and depth that you can start to see growth in a new light.

I have a ton of e-mails to respond to now. To be honest there’s 12 e-mails waiting on my as soon as I’ve done my evening workout. Got to stay health mentally, physically and I’ve even started to feel more connected to nature and to the earth. Today I’ve spent a lot of time inside and working on a few things but I’ll probably take the weekend off to feel the power of nature for a bit. Enjoy your weekend and keep making your stream the best stream it can be!




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